Sunday, October 2, 2016

Here We Go A-Viking

Tomorrow's the finale of Iron Edda. Guess maybe I should do some prep.

I think a herd of deer pulled Loki's wagon or something?

Anyway! This is my usual blathery sentence before we get into the prep, I just need something to fill space before the jump. Hip-hip-hooray! Nice nice! Ya boo! Philips is a German and he have my pen.

OK, so, I know that Ragnar was going to try and quest for the Rune-Bag. I took notes on that already, but again: Trying to get past Odin's Wolves is actually easier without Bonebonded. The wolves fight on whatever Scale they're confronted by, so if the group rocks up with the two Bonebonded already fully bone'd, the wolves use Fierce +3 as their Approach, with four Physical Stress and three Mental. If they're attacked the folks on a human Scale, then they've got Fight +2, Athletics +2, and Physique +1. In either case they're Odin's Wolves and Sworn to Guard the Runes. The Rune-Bag is supposed to predict battle tactics, so I think that once you get the bag, it acts like a stunt: +2 to Create an Advantage on an opponent in battle if you act before them in a turn. 

That's easy enough. Mostly I want to give the characters a little time to prep; they could set traps, rally the troops to their defenses, maybe Matt's character could whip up a cure for the deadly deadly bee stings (now that they know what's doing). They probably should also resolve the Guardian Stone issue; it can be unlocked using magic, and used offensively or defensively, but I think using it offensively carries some kind of "you angered the gods" kind of thing going on. Or maybe I just compel their Aspects a bunch. 

That should only be about half the session, maybe up until 8PM. And then the Dwarves arrive, and that's what I need the stats for. 

So: I want Spiders, Automata, and a Dwarven Destroyer. 

Let's do a mob of six Spiders. They'll get there first (because they're faster). They can attack in three mobs of two, so they have Dwarven Spiders +2, two stress boxes (one each, y'see). 

They fight for two turns, then the Automata show up. We'll do two of these. They're slightly bigger than people, but still Human Scale. They get Automata +3 and 3 stress boxes each. They also have Armor 1, and the Aspect Pave the Way for the Destroyer. Their function is to smash walls and take down obvious defenders. I think I'll have them go for the still, the beehives, and the Guardian Stone.

And finally, The Devourer. It's a Dwarven Destroyer in the form of a giant wolf (mocking Fenris, which seems unwise to me). Mecha-Fenris has the following Approaches:

  • Head: Ravenous +4
  • Front legs: Forceful +3
  • Back legs: Quick +0
  • Belly: Careful +2
  • Tail: Flashy -1
  • Eyes: Clever +1
It has the Aspects Insatiable Appetite and Mechanical Wolf. It has four stress boxes and Armor 2.

And I think that'll do it. The characters have a three-wave battle, and they can work on the disease thing ahead of time, meaning they can rescue Byheim.