Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Feng Shuimmy Shimmy Ya

Monday was Feng Shui. It's been about a month since our last foray into ape-land, in which the Dragons fought off the soldiers of Thrill Kill Mandrill (whom they assumed was dead, since they watched him get vaporized by magic). This time, they were camping out in the ruins of an old factory when the monkeys attacked!

The monkeys swooped into the factory and started grabbing the humans that the Dragons were escorting. An unseen assassin shot Wildfire from the trees; Wildfire responded by changing into his monster form, of course. A knife came flying through the air and struck Bai...a knife that smell oddly boozy ("God damn you, Drunky Monkey!").

The battle was joined, with Dragons flipping between the two levels of the factory and knocking monkeys off and into the trees. Celeste used her whip to yank prisoners out of monkey hands, and Wu Tang employed his signature "hit a monkey with another monkey" method. What the Dragons missed, though, was a monkey sneaking up to the truck and letting out Smilin' Bill; both that monkey and Bill Cheesed It into the trees (carrying the parking meter that Wu Tang had used to bar the door), and soon thereafter the rest of the monkeys fled. The Dragons captured a couple of monkeys and put them in the truck, and headed on.

One of the human folks approached Wu Tang and asked what he planned to do when they reached the river. Tang asked him to elaborate, and the man explained that there was a wooden bridge that led across, but that it wasn't really sturdy and the apes might have taken it. There was another, much larger stone bridge up ahead, but that required walking along the river, which with the truck would be difficult. Tang thanked the man ("Shimmy-ya, Wu Tang," he said in respect), and then assembled the Dragons.

Celeste recognized that this was the futuristic ruins of Hong Kong, and that if her calculations were right, Genomic Solutions - wherein they'd first fought Thrill Kill Mandrill - was in the woods somewhere. The Dragons decided to let the humans crossed the river at the stone bridge and move along, while they turned into the forest to check out the remains of the lab and, perhaps, confront Thrill Kill. Thanks to careful driving from Johnny, they made it there safely, and the people headed over the bridge to a (hopefully) safer life.

The Dragons headed into the trees, and were suddenly accosted by a troop of chimps with bows and arrows. The leader, a jaunty fellow wearing green, demanded payment for traipsing through the woods. ("Robin Hood?" said Johnny. "No, robbin' you!") He said he'd take the truck, and the Dragons shrugged; they were just about done with it anyway. Wu Tang, though, just couldn't let it go without a fight. He slashed a tire as he walked by, and the leader chimp ordered the attack.

The Dragons fought them off non-lethally, knocking them into the convenient nearby pond and batting away their arrows, until finally Johnny said that if they weren't allied with Thrill Kill (the leader had earlier spat at the mention of his name), perhaps they would be willing to do a little light ninja-ing? The leader-chimp, Errol, asked Tang why he was going after Thrill Kill, and Tang explained that he'd killed his partner. "A noble quest for revenge, then!" said Errol, and ordered his monkeys to get the truck fixed.

Next time, we'll see where this insanity leads us.