Friday, October 28, 2016

Character Creation: tremulus

Happy Halloweekend! It's late October, the crows are singing, the leaves are falling, the kicks are starting, and I feel like making a character. Nothing too strenuous, though; it's late and I'm old. But I want to do a horror game every day this weekend (plus Monday), so I figure I'll probably stick to systems I know. To wit:

The Game: tremulus
The Publisher: Reality Blurs
Degree of Familiarity: Some with the general genre and some with the underling system, but none with this particular game.
Books Required: Just the one.

tremulus (I'll forgive them the deliberately lower-casing, obviously) is billed as "a storytelling game of Lovecraftian horror," but it's not really about Cthulhu specifically. It looks like it focuses more on the "slow creeping drive-you-mad horror" than the tentacles, and I like that. I backed this game on Kickstarter a long while ago, and (like most of the games I buy) it's sat on the shelf waiting for me to have a good reason to pick it up. As I'm reading it, though, it looks pretty accessible, so it might find its way to my table someday.

Anyway, my first task here is to pick a playbook. I would pick Alienist, but I made one of those already. "Heir" is listed as "everyman who comes into a windfall," and I like that; there's some fish out of water potential. 'Scuse me while I print this out (eeek!).

So, chargen. Step one is choose a playbook, which I have. Step two is Choose a name. There's a list on the playbook, or I could make one up. But the very first name is "Samuel Hale" and I kinda like it. Not a plosive sound in it; it sounds kind of lyrical and yielding. I think he winces when someone calls him "Mr. Hale."

Next step is the look, which, like a lot PbtA games (including the one I'm writing!) involves choosing some things from lists. So: I'm a man. My clothes are "worn suit" (it used to be kind of smart, back when it was new, but Samuel never saw it then). His face is friendly, his eyes are almond (I kinda like it; weird twist) and his build is lithe.

Next we do attributes. I pick a set. Hmm. I think I'll take Reason +1, Passion +1, Might -1, Luck +2, and Affinity 0. I like the idea of a high Luck rating, and I'm fine with Samuel not having any great shakes in the Might department.

I get 1d6 Wealth, which I assume I roll now, since stuff in play costs Wealth (it's not really clear, but I'm not reading carefully, either). I get a 2. Bah. I get no Lore, whatever that means. I get a choice of two things from a list. I'll take the town attorney as a contact, and I'll take a "good item" worth up to 3 Wealth that I inherited from the Hales that we don't really talk about. I'll say it's a cane with a black gem on the hilt. Samuel's great-great-uncle Dederick used it to walk around, and his will stipulated it should go to Samuel.

And then I get two special moves. I want Frantic (I can use Luck instead of Might to Threaten after I'm harmed). Hmm. There's a move that lets me heal quicker, there's one that reduces Shock because I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this, but then there's Ancestral Home. If I were actually going to play Samuel, I'd take Ancestral Home if it was cool with the Keeper that some of the action revolved around the place; if we're not there it's not much use to me. I think I'll take Certainty (that's the one that reduces Shock); by the end, Dederick didn't have much left. The house is in disrepair and may have been sold off at some point. Samuel only got the cane, though that creepy lawyer is still hanging around...

I would normally assign Trust at this point, creating intersection between PCs, but you know how it is, it's just me. As such, I'm about done!