Sunday, September 25, 2016

Night's Black Agents: The Quickest Op

Quick game of Night's Black Agents today. I had been planning on stretching this op out for two sessions, rather than just one, but we're not playing again until the end of November so I figured it might be better to have some closure.

Last time, the agents were headed to Paris to look into the remains of Tasse Medical. They arrived and set up their safe house and all, and then looked into the warehouse where Tasse had been storing shit. Hanover and MacAteer looked around, chatted with the security guards, and realized it was all cleaned out. All the good stuff had been loaded into a van and taken away, a load at a time, by a young man over the course of the last couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Parker tailed Luc Lemarque, and noted that he had a new job, very much like his old one (lab tech). Ess broke into his flat and saw that he'd been laid off from Tasse's subsidiary, but given a very generous severance.

Parker decided to bump into Lemarque on the train home and make friends. They went and got shwarma and Luc told her that he'd been kept on to empty out a warehouse, since he was familiar with the research and the materials and knew how to handle stuff. He drove everything to a hangar north of Paris, and it was all getting shipped out of the country together sometime soon.

The boys, hearing this, headed out to said hangar (that'd be Hanover, Ess, Gambone, and MacAteer). Hanover talked to the staff about renting a hangar, and was told that there would one free in a couple of days. The staff took Hanover out to a hangar to show him the space, while Ess set up a sniper's perch on a building next to the hangar being rented by Tasse. Hanover glanced at some paperwork - there was a plane in that hangar bound for Budapest...tomorrow morning.

Gambone crawled into the electrical ducts and shimmied out underneath the hangar in question. He had two grates that opened into it, and from one he could see the plane, some boxes, and a couple of dudes talking in French (which Gambone understands, fortunately). The guards talked about "them" and how they were creepy, but might be necessary, and in any case tomorrow "they" were getting put on the plane. From the other grate, Gambone saw a very large industrial AC unit and a guard walked endlessly back and forth. "They," it seemed, referred to brutes.

Parker, having finished her date, came out and joined the boys and got on the roof with Ess. They all talked about their approach; the data they wanted was in that hangar, so perhaps they could hijack the plane? MacAteer could fly it, after all, and they could disable the transponder and get to Monaco. They decided to give it a whirl.

Gambone planted a bomb to disable the AC unit, and set it off as a distraction. The two guards out front ran to the doors, but Parker shot one. Ess ran into the side door and shot at two oncoming guards, but just grazed them. Gambone shot one as he came running over the grate, killing him, but the other one shot Ess, and then a third shot at him on his flank.

And then the brutes. One jumped onto the plane, the other ran under it. Seeing he was screwed, Ess ran out the door, hitting the button that raised the hangar door on the way.

One guard tossed a grenade into the grate, blowing shrapnel down into Gambone (but not killing him, fortunately). The damage disabled the electricity and the door stopped halfway up. One brute ran outside, the other followed Ess and threw him against a wall.

MacAteer came zipping around the corner in the van and missed a brute, but Hanover shot the other one in the face as he rolled by. The other one leaped at Ess, but Parker shot him out of the air and disabled him. MacAteer stopped and reversed into the surviving brute, and Parker came downstairs and shot them both in the head, but now the agents had no idea what was going on in the hangar. (Gambone was in the tunnel, headed for a getaway car, too hurt to be of assistance.)

Parker and Hanover, uninjured, went in the back door and found three surviving guards (one was by the hangar control doors, bleeding; he was the one that Parker had shot earlier). The gunned down the two uninjured ones as they were burning evidence, but the third dropped his gun and surrendered. They found some unburnt stuff on the plane and, not knowing if they could get out of France before someone shot them down, decided to load up what would fit in the van and vamoose.

They regrouped in Monaco, and discovered the stuff they had stolen was mostly blood samples, some from Budapest Prison (including a sample from Abel Vartos, whom Parker recognized as a fall guy from Hi-Klass Escorts) and some from Belgrade Hospital. Some researched from Dr. Sedillo revealed that this new nutrient-rich blood might facilitate vampires healing faster or getting stronger, and it was now a simple enough formula that a pill or a drink might convert a person's blood for a few days. Clearly the agents had to destroy or cripple this operation, and they felt a lot better about their chances of taking on a hospital than a prison.

So the next op is back in Belgrade...and it hasn't been so terrible long since they were there.