Sunday, September 11, 2016

Games Notes: Viking, Ho!

Tomorrow I'm running Iron Edda. I should, therefore, figure out what the heck I'm gonna do to these poor folks. I have two sessions to bring out something to resolve.

Ride on, Norse Riders!
You can find the characters and the setup back here.

OK, so, what's the most interesting conflict going on right now in Byheim? It seems like the argument over the guardian stone and the disease that's killing the Snake Clan (and the subsequent quarantine) are the immediate things. The bees and the traders are background and flavor - probably important, but not immediately exciting, and the runes are there in case someone wants to try and fight their way past the wolves and get them. So let's brainstorm a little.

  • Trying to get past Odin's Wolves is actually easier without Bonebonded. The wolves fight on whatever Scale they're confronted by, so if the group rocks up with the two Bonebonded already fully bone'd, the wolves use Fierce +3 as their Approach, with four Physical Stress and three Mental. If they're attacked the folks on a human Scale, then they've got Fight +2, Athletics +2, and Physique +1. In either case they're Odin's Wolves and Sworn to Guard the Runes
  • The Snake Clan are getting tired of their quarantine, and intend to break it. Actually, for the first scene, let's have some of the fit warriors of the Snake Clan rush the holdfast. The Jarl can call for folks to defend the holdfast, everyone gets a fun fight scene, and they can agonize over whether to kill these folks. 
  • While the warriors are rushing the holdfast, though, PCs can notice them using weird weapons from Jgol. That'll give them something to do afterwards (talk to the Traders, or rather, their slaves) and learn that while the warriors attacked, some of the older Snakes traded with the, um, Traders, and retrieved the heart of a Dwarven Destroyer. When cast into a fire or a forge, it sends out keening that only certain folks can hear (let's say Toasty's dude can hear it, since it plays into his Why Didn't Solvi See Me Aspect). Once it's in the fire, it calls for Dwarven reinforcements, and the Snake Clan will hold their mound fast to keep it from going out. Their thinking is that if the Jarl can't be fucked to help them, the whole place can burn for all they care. 
  • The opposition is Snake Clan Warriors +3; I want them to be a challenge, but they're human Scale and the PCs have two Bonebonded with them. Mostly this is just to get their attention and then they can deal with the Jarl, the rest of the Snakes, and the Traders. And then next session, they can deal with the incoming Dwarves and what to do about the guardian stone.