Saturday, September 24, 2016

Game Prep: Squiggles

OK, I'm running three games in the next three days (counting today) and then another one next Monday and aAAAAHAHAhahahahaAAHAAH I need to do some prep.

Got my game face on.
Anyway. Running Headspace today, Night's Black Agents tomorrow, Feng Shui Monday and finishing up Iron Edda next week. Plus I have a bunch of writing to do on Monsters, since the Kickstarter is launching on 10/4 (I don't need to have the book written by then, which is good, because that's not going to happen, but I want more of it written), and eventually I might get the outstanding drafts of the Beast books I'm working on and be able to redline.

Oh, and I need to bash out enough of Np that I can take it to Metatopia.

Today, however, is game prep day.


I wrote a review of this game recently. My only major issue is that it needs a bit more attention to how to run it. Anyway, last session is here. Applied Optimism wanted to get proof that another corporation (3H) was responsible for the tsunami and wants to exploit that. We've got three Milestones for that, two of which are resolved (one for the PCs and one for the Corp), so this time the PCs have the last one - Applied Optimism wants to broadcast proof of 3H involvement. The Operators need to come up with their sessions objectives, and that's fine. So what else happens second session?

We do Anchors; three characters, each gets a Skill and a dominant emotion. Each Operator gets a positive relationship, as defined by a leading question from me, which I can't make up until I know the Anchors. And then everyone gets a "complicated" relationship with a different Anchor, also with a leading question. NP. 

And then after that, we do basically the same thing, but with the Corporate Agents. I dunno, I may skip this? It seems like it's an extra step and introducing a lot of new characters. We'll see how I feel. 

And then there's a new Corporate Project in the works, which means I'd need to come with Milestones and everything. But some of that is going to hinge on whether we're gonna keep playing this game. If we are, then I need a new Corporate Project (probably PSS, I think, since they've got some history there and they've worked against PSS pretty strongly last time). If not, then I don't need to bother because they'll work to finish off this Clock. The book mentions they can work against two Projects at once, though, how does that work? I guess it just means they split their efforts, meaning they won't completely beat a Milestone in a session, but can therefore keep a Project from gaining too much ground. 

OK, so I'll have this Project in my pocket: PSS is trying to remove civilian authority from the city's police, allowing PSS to dictate the terms of the reclamation in its favor. The Time Milestone is quell the violence with superior force. The Cost Milestone is take out community center at edge of Q-zone. The Quality Milestone is recruit civilian neighborhood watch with rhetoric, gear, and money

Night's Black Agents

Let's see here. This should actually be pretty quick. Our last session (which ended an op) was here. They're going to Paris, and I took some notes on Luc Lemarque and some of the other goings-on about the late Simon Thibault's company, Tasse Medical. 

I didn't take a heck of a lot of notes on Tasse or Lemarque, since I figured we were finished up there, but they were thinking that maybe the conspiracy has samples or physical research that isn't destroyed yet. So, sure, I'm game for that. Let's say that when the PCs find Lemarque (and use their Interpersonal Skills on him), he's just finished boxing everything up and sending it over to Paris Airport Le Bourget. Everything is in a hanger, guarded by private security and two vampires (no puppeteers, though Lugonov can be there in a few hours if alerted). The hangar contains the remaining blood nutrients, as well as samples from prisoners from Budapest Prison and Belgrade Hospital. 

I think I want this to be a quick op; two sessions max, give the PCs time to plan this heist (smash and grab, blow it up, whatever). 

More prep later.