Monday, September 26, 2016

Game Prep II: Return of the Squiggles

Still got a couple of games to prep.

"You running Pugmire yet?"
So! Iron Edda and Feng Shui left to go. Don't peak, players.

Feng Shui

Last session was here. Characters need to go forward in time, to the Future juncture, and find Si Borg's notebook. I'm inclined to just jump to them exiting a portal into the Future juncture because bumblefucking around in the Netherworld is gonna be kind of boring without something specific to jump on. 

So what do we know? We know that Ape Mask and some of her toughs were present in the future when Si Borg was killed. We also know that Leon vaporized Ape Mask and Thrill Kill Mandrill back here. We also know that Leon turned out to be evil (most uncool), so maybe he didn't vaporize anyone? Maybe he sent them back to their own Juncture, intending to rendezvous with them later and instructing them to get the notebook? That makes sense; sure, Leon's dead (for now), but he didn't know he was gonna get stabbed through the chest when he set all this up. 

So Ape Mask and Thrill Kill are ensconced in their own little futuristic jungle-civilization. They have the notebook and they know they need to guard it with their lives, since Leon said he'd be back to share glorious magic with them, but they have no way to know he's dead. I kinda think they've split off from whatever faction they were with before, trusting in Leon and the Eaters of Lotus. I like the idea, too, that they've got cloning tech and that they would like to steal Wu Tang's parking meter, since it has enough of Leon's blood on it to clone him. 

Where does that put us for Monday? I think we have a bunch of apes chasing down humans to capture (these are the New Simian Army, obviously), but when the PCs get involved, they flee into the woods. The surviving humans can tell stories of the terrible Thrill Kill Mandrill and what he does to human captives; that'll let everyone know he's still alive and that he's in those woods somewhere. Then we can do a kind of Rise of the Planet of the Apes kinda thing. I do, however, need some Featured Foes for the initial onslaught; don't want it just to be ape-mooks. 

Ape Mooks: 
Guns 13 Martial Arts 12 Defense 12 Toughness 6 Speed 7

Drunky the Monkey (small, nimble, carries a flask)
Martial Arts 14 Defense 13 Toughness 5 Speed 8
Copycat: After missing a Dodging Hero, +2 to Defense until next keyframe

Smilin' Bill (gorilla, hot jacket, flashy smile)
Guns 14 Defense 13 Toughness 7 Speed 5
Inspire Fanaticism: When weapon-wielding hero announces an attack, spend 1 shot as interrupt. One mook goes down, roll a die. Odd, attack nullified and hero is Disarmed. 

Freak the Gibbon (gibbon, cyber'd, sharp fangs)
Martial Arts 14 Defense 14 Toughness 5 Speed 6
Last Rally: As an interrupt after taking Wound Points bring foe to total of 35 or more, make an attack against any hero +2 Attack, +6 damage. 

Clyde (orangutan, drives the van)
Guns 13 Driving 14 Defense 13 Toughness 7 Speed 5
Crunch 9

So, I think we run this fight, the apes Cheese It when Smilin' Bill goes down, when Wu Tang is disarmed, or when Clyde's van is destroyed. And then I think we can get the rundown from the humans, with regards to who these apes are and kinda what their deal is. Wu Tang wants to go talk to Battlechimp Potemkin or (shudder) Furious George and explain the situation, groovy, but otherwise, they need to sneak into the woods and get the notebook back from the lab...which should totally be the ruins of the lab they battled at in China, now that I think about it. Sounds good.

Iron Edda prep later this week.