Monday, August 15, 2016

RPGaDay Continues, also some game notes

Running Feng Shui in a while and need to take a couple of notes, but first:

Your Best Source of Inspiration for RPGs: My favorite source of inspiration is the players. I love collaborative games where we get to design elements of the setting together, for a couple of reasons. One is that I'm getting older, I don't have time and spoons like I used to, and that lets me offload some of the work on the players.

But the other reason is that if we design a setting, and you come up with a particular faction or tavern or magic form or whatever, I know damn well you're gonna remember it if I use it in play. It's one thing to ask the players what they want, it's another thing to let them design the shit they want and then hand it to you.

And now, my Feng Shui players should stop reading, but everybody else can come along.

The characters need to go back and talk to Hei and get an order for their visions, but that can't be the whole of the sessions, 'cause that ain't gonna take but a few minutes. We'll be needing a fight, too, or at least the threat of one.

So, the characters killed off Rawhide Harrison last time, and Alicia the Apostle the time before. I think fighting the Blue Spurs gang is pretty played out. Leon is likewise toast, and while I'm not opposed to him returning at some point, I want some space before that happens.

Hell, suppose the workers attack because Wildfire is with the group? That would allow the characters to have a little dust-up without killing anyone, kind of in the vein of a lot of martial arts movies where the battle precedes "OK, we're cool, now, right?" So suppose we have a fight with a bunch of mooks.

Martial Arts 8 Defense 13 Speed 6

I don't think we need any Featured Foes, but I might have Hei join in if the characters get bloodthirsty or summat.

Oh, right, the order:

  1. Tang in the future, learning that his partner is a Dragon. Now, you can't go back in time, so what he needs to do is go into the future and find that sketchbook and learn Si's secret agenda. 
  2. Then Johnny needs to find his mother (which I think should relate back to the notebook; maybe Si and Johnny's mother were a thing?)
  3. Then Celeste and her sister (contemporary juncture)
  4. Then, finally, back to the ancient juncture to confront the end of the Chi War
This raises the question of whether Do's issues have been resolved, since both he and Leon are dead, but I may bring Leon back as a mad ghost at some point. 

Sounds good for now!