Wednesday, August 10, 2016

RPGaDay Catchup

Been lax on this, but now I have a little time.

Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did: Wow. Lots to choose from. OK, not that I want to give +Matthew Karafa a swelled head or anything (since one of this moments showed up on +Michelle's list, too), but the finale of Edge of Midnight was fucking superb. That was a long and really awesome game, ending in a totally noir way with Karafa's character shooting another dude in the head and letting his body fall into the swamp.

What Story Does Your Group Tell About Your Character? Oy. I don't have a character; I play occasionally but mostly I run games, I have several different groups, and I don't think anyone tells a particular story about my character. I'm sure Dylan, my kinetomancer professor in Michelle's Dresden game, could develop a story or two, given time, but at the moment I'm gonna have to take a pass on this one.

Most Amazing Thing a Game Group Did For Their Community: You know, it's a few years old at this point, but the Haiti bundle on DriveThru RPG that raised six figures for Doctors Without Borders was pretty awesome.

What Aspect of RPGs has had the Biggest Effect on You? Well, they've been my career since 1997, with varying degree of emphasis. I was full-time from 2001-ish to 2006-ish. I'd go back to writing/developing full-time in a hot minute if I thought I could pay all my bills that way.

Hardcover, Softcover, Digital, what's your preference? I'm not particular about hard vs. softcover; hardcovers are nice and sturdy, but they're heavy. I prefer to have a digital copy available for actual play; much easier to search.

Beyond the game, what is involved in an ideal session? Focus. My ideal session involves everyone putting their goddamn phones away and paying attention. (I was saying the same thing before smartphones were a thing, though, just with books.)

Largest in-game surprise you have experienced? I think "surprise during a game session" has to go to +Jessica, but I don't think that's what this means. Let's see. A loooong time ago, I ran a Chill game which involved a story arc with a character and his wife-turned-vampire. When I finally ran the game that ended that arc, all of the players showed up dressed in character. That was pretty cool.