Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Saturday was Nobilis, and I really should have done the write-up that day, but I didn't, because I'm not a smart man.

Anydangway, last time we ended having learned that Norton, our lighthouse keeper lunatic buddy, was seemingly responsible for Indra being attacked and her shard being stolen. We tracked the dude down at the lighthouse, and he denied having anything to do with Indra's attack. Tommy used a miracle of Domain to know the truth (kinda like when someone says something in a movie, and someone else says "I believe him" and then that's it, move along, it's established), and confirmed that Norton was telling the truth. But if he hadn't been the one to do, then maybe it had been someone wearing him? Mimicking him?

The Countess recalls that someone had opened the lobster traps, apparently using her Anchor...which she figured was impossible. On that subject, the group got a visit from Zeke Wackum (+Travis if I'm misspelling that, I blame you), the Power of Fisherman, who was very annoyed at the storm that we'd conjured up. He exchanged words with the Countess and then fucked off, and it wasn't until after he'd left that we realized that he might know what the deal was with the Countess' Anchor. She swam after him and negotiated fishing rights to the island (including which species it was OK to fish), and he told her that he'd seen a mimic octopus opening the traps. Countess' Anchor is, indeed, a mimic octopus.

Zeke said that he'd seen the octopus expel ink, and then the ink had taken the shape of the octopus. The Countess zipped back, and we met by the shore, and found something very curious - a turtle shell with burnt flowers.

Now, as you may know, the language of flowers is a big deal in Nobilis. Woolaroo was able to identify this particular Rite as something to do with magic, freedom, and traps. So perhaps something had freed Indra's shard, and then trapped it? But the turtle shell implied that Erehwon Island (resting as it does on the back of a turtle) was involved directly.

The Nobles pooled some points for a rite and started tracing the creator of this turtle-shell thing back. It took us back through the site where Indra was attacked, and then to some rocks. Isabel and Woolaroo followed the trail on, while Tommy and Countess checked the rocks, and found a black-glass dagger with blood (probably Indra's) on it. This, then, was the weapon used to cut out her shard. Ick.

Woolaroo and Isabel followed the trail to the weaver's hut, where folks were making blankets and suchlike. Woolaroo talked to a young man who'd been there making a carpet (weird), and used her power to see threads connecting him...and indeed, he had multiple faces (some of which looked familiar) connected to him. Tommy and Countess arrived as the others were interrogating the guy, and when called out for his involvement, he reached into his coat.

Whereupon, Isabel head-butted him through the wall.

Mortally wounded, the man managed to gasp out "the testa inversa is going to destroy this place" before expiring. The thing he'd been reaching for was a small turtle shell, with more burnt flowers. "Testa inversa" was an inverted turtle - some kind of dark reflection of the our Imperator?

Since our research led us to believe that Indra's Shard hadn't left the island, perhaps it went through the weird portal, the one that we don't know where it goes?

Only one way to find out. Next time.