Monday, August 22, 2016

Heroic Game Prep

Meant to do this yesterday and would up peeling roasted green chiles for most of the afternoon, then having POTS issues and crashing on the couch most of the evening. Fuck POTS, man.

Most Challenging But Rewarding System You have Learned: Fate. Hands down. It's challenging because it's a lot more involved, system-wise, than most people think (this was especially true when it was just Spirit of the Century). But it's so damned versatile and so easy to tweak. Plus, my players know it well enough that when it's time to play new game for a few sessions, it's easy to pick a Fate-based game because I know we've conquered the biggest learning curves.

Funniest Misinterpretation of a Rule in Your Group: Don't think this one really applies. We're pretty into "what do the rules actually mean" around here (side effect of playing with game designers, I guess), so if we misinterpret a rule, it tends to be less funny and more "wait, this is dumb, what'd we miss?" Nothing specific comes to mind, though.

Supposedly Random Game Events that Kept Occurring: Well, the one that springs to mind is what +Matthew Karafa refers to as "Mal disease." That's in reference to Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly, and the fact that when he plans and tries to set up his advantages, things go to hell, but he does better when he just shoots from the hip. In context, Karafa has a habit of failing or lowballing rolls that he has a shitload of dice on (in dice-pool games like Chronicles of Darkness), but succeeding when he really shouldn't.

Right. Now prep.

So, I really need to stick to my own notes, more. I had the Krampus call up Grimoire and take the MacGuffin away last time, when really what I should have done was let the PCs drive the villains off and have the government take the device. It was a nicely cinematic moment, sure, but it screws with my plans. Ah, well. The government did capture Decibel, so I can make this work.

(And I just realized I didn't finish Baron Anguish's datafile. I'm so bad at this. I should be purged.)

Anyway, I don't need Baron Anguish to show up just yet. The PCs are headed to the arch to deal with "demons"; Grimoire and Waves can be there to facilitate, but they're not really interested in harming the heroes, just distracting them long enough to let Krampus and Innocence free Decibel from government control. So, things to do during the fight:

  • Spend a d8 and split Spore off.
  • Make best use of Grimoire's area attack.
  • Add to the doom pool quickly; this scene shouldn't take long
Demon Mob:
Team 4d8
Distinctions: Bound Servants, Toothy Horrors
Power Set: Demon Horde: Enhanced Strength d8, Enhanced Durability d8
SFX: Area Attack (roll +1d6 & keep effect die for each target), Dangerous (add d6 to pool, step back highest die by 1, step up Physical Stress by 1)