Monday, August 1, 2016

Feng Shui Prep/RPGaDay#1

Hey, it's August! What does August mean?

Well, I was born in August. So that's exciting. I'm turning 42 this year, so I get to be the meaning of life for a year.

Also we go back to school in August. Booooo. (I mean, I know the parents reading this are rejoicing, but screw you guys, I only get 10 weeks off and now I have to work again! Pity me! Ow! Stop throwing things!)

But also, RPGaDay.

You know, there's a lot of toxicity in this hobby. I don't know if that's the nature of a hobby that encourages tribalism and human contact, or if it's somehow unique to this community. I do, however, see people throwing up their hands in despair or disgust and leaving it. And I don't fault those people; I have no idea how I'd react if I got half the shit that a lot of folks (mostly women, let's be honest) get. But I'm staying in, because even if I suddenly got so frustrated with the people who are loud on the Internet that I couldn't interact with them, I love gaming too much to let it go.

With that in mind, #RPGaDay post numbah one: Real dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to "roll"?

I've never used a dice app, and barring an accessibility issue for a player, I wouldn't let players use one at my table. I like the dice hitting the table; it keeps everyone honest, and frankly I don't want my players staring at their fucking devices more than they already do. Diceless systems are fine, of course; I'm playing one right now and I wrote one.

Right, Feng Shui players read no further.

This'll be quick, I don't need to change much. Last time, there was a big fight and Al's character got kidnapped because I thought he'd be out for the next session, but then when that session came around I was sick and we didn't play. So we're starting this session with Johnny in trouble, but probably getting out of trouble in short order.

Johnny is being used for a feng-shui corrupting ritual, so let's start him hung upside down out in back of the house (I'll put some cattle behind a fence nearby, too, in case folks want to start a stampede). The others...Wildfire was with Johnny, so he could summon the others pretty easily with, like, a wendigo-roar kinda dealie. So mostly I just need to define the opposition and I'm golden.


Guns 8, Fists 8 Defense 13 Speed 5 (8 on a horse)

Featured Foes

Lasso Daniels - Slim, lariat, white
Fists/Rope 14 Defense 14 Toughness 5 Speed 6
Tactical Genius (Spend 1 shot, mooks get +2 AV until Lasso goes down)

Rawhide Harrison - grizzled, older
Guns 14, Fists 12 Defense 14 Toughness 7 Speed 4
Back to the Wall - if attacked by more than one character in a sequence, shot cost for attack is 1

Doc Norris - skinny, stays on horse and shoots
Guns 14 Defense 13 Toughness 4 Speed 9 (on horse)
Ablative Lacky (if at least one mook is up and Doc takes WP, mook goes down instead)

Russell the Joker - cheerful, carries knives
Martial Arts 14 Defense 14 Toughness 5 Speed 7
Cyclical Flow (damage = shot +5)

Ronnie Meyer - enthusiastic, rich, dandy
Martial Arts 13 Defense 15 Toughness 5 Speed 7
Don't Turn Your Back (+2 Attack if has not been attacked since he last attacked)


Leon - eunuch sorcerer
Sorcery 16 Defense 15 Toughness 7 Speed 8
Blast (14)
Back to the Wall (if attacked by more than one character, basic attacks cost 2 shots till end of sequence)
Dread Resurrection (spend 1 shot, if Leon is still active at the end of next keyframe, Apostle resurrects)
Domination (spend 1 shot, hero makes diff 10 Will check, if fails, spend 2 shots and choose hero's next target)