Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Feng Shui! Biff! Pow!

But first.

Best Game Session Since August 2015: Holy shit. Gotta check the archives. I think I gotta choose this one, the finale of our Monsterhearts game. I'm cheating a little, since the game was the closer to a really great series, but it was a pretty emotionally impact-ful game on its own, too.

Character Moment You Are Proudest Of: Oh, geez. Um. I played an elder True Brujah a looong time ago (you have met Nehemiah, if you ever read Sins of the Blood). He once developed a relationship with a Euthantos mage in a truly screwed up mishmosh WoD game that my friend Harv ran, and chose, at one point, to pursue an enemy instead of protecting her, figuring she could handle herself. He regretted that; she wound up losing a bunch of Willpower dots and becoming a kind of shell of her former self (but Nehemiah did kill his enemy).

Right. Now, Feng Shui.

We pick up at Ronnie Meyer's ranch. Johnny is hung upside down, by his feet, and some dudes in robes (including Leon and Ronnie) are standing around him. Doc Norris, Harrison, Lasso Daniels, and Russell are there, too.

The characters, having been alerted by Wildfire, sneak in from the south. Tang moves among the herd of cattle, invisible, but Celeste, walking with the other two, accidentally discharges her gun and alerts them. The battle is joined.

Several of them shoot at Wildfire (in his wendigo form), and Harrison goes pretty much berserk when he sees the monster that killed his friend. Leon flies up into the air and tries to use a Dominate spell on Wildfire, but fails. Tang, seizing his opportunity, flings a cow at Leon and smashes him into the house.

Bai jumps in and kicks a knife out of a cultist's hands; Johnny swings on his rope and catches it to free himself. Celeste dispatches mooks with her whip. Lasso grabs the rope on Johnny's feet and yanks him to the ground, and Ronnie tries to stab at him. Apparently figuring Ronnie has this under control (which he doesn't), Lasso tosses a lariat around Wildfire's neck. Wildfire takes a bunch of damage, and very near has to endure a Mark of Death, but manages to catch a mook and literally eat his head, replenishing health (yay Blood Drain).

Leon returns, throwing fire and domination. Celeste tosses up some powder that counters his dominate spell, and Tang teleports up into the air and smacks him with his parking meter. They land, and Bai appears, using his flame-style to set Leon on fire.

Doc Norris, somewhere in here, sees all the magical craziness and leaves. Lasso, likewise, whistles for a horse and runs; Celeste tries to stop him, but only ends up losing her whip in the process. Russell, having taken out two mooks himself by throwing knives badly (seriously, I kept rolling terribly for him), leaves, too, and none of the characters begrudge him that.

Johnny, never quite getting his feet untied, manages to knock Ronnie out. Tang stabs Leon through the chest with his parking meter, killing him, and that just leaves Harrison.

Harrison stabs Wildfire repeatedly, unwilling to die. Celeste, however, comes up and shoots him, dropping him unceremoniously dead.

Ronnie wakes up hung up by his feet. The characters bring in Ms. Carlisle, the woman who runs the boarding house, and she makes it clear that he's stepping down as mayor; he agrees. The characters attune his feng shui site, and then head back to the worker's camp to talk to Hei, which we'll handle next time!