Friday, August 19, 2016

Character Creation: Sundered Skies (also RPGaDay)

Bloody day job, making me not able to blog everyday.

What Fictional Character Would Fit Best in Your Group? As tempting as it would be to say Harry Dresden (he's a gamer, after all) I get the sense that he's more a hack-and-slash kind of guy. I think, instead, I would rather game with Kaylee from Firefly. Kaylee's enthusiastic, she's clever, and she enjoys good food. I think she'd fit it.

What Innovation Could RPG Groups Most Benefit From? Oh, lordy. We've got Storium and Roll20 now, and lots of cheap, easily manageable video-chat kinds of things, which help with groups that aren't physically together. I think the other big problem in the hobby is the general level of toxicity you get from certain members, but frankly I think that's a bigger problem online than in meatspace (though I've heard enough stories from gamers about meatspace issues to know that it's not just online). So, like, feminism? I don't think that's an innovation, but it's about all I can think of.

Best Way to Learn a New Game? Play it, obviously. Preferably with someone who knows it well and likes it acting as GM.

OK, speaking of gaming!

The Game: Sundered Skies
The Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
Degree of Familiarity: I haven't played this particular game, but it's a Savage Worlds game, and I've played plenty of that.
Books Required: I think just the one and the Savage Worlds book, but I'm not sure. Doesn't matter, I have the SW if needed.

Sundered Skies, like 50 Fathoms, is a plot point setting for Savage Worlds. Interestingly, it has some similarity with Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies, for which I made a character recently. Following a cataclysm, the world is a bunch of fractured islands in an immense void, you can go mad if you stare into the glow of the void too long. More fantasy than swashbuckling, it looks like. I'm good with that.

Holy cats. You can play a race called "drakin," who are little dragon-ish beings who worship and aspire to become dragons. Fucking sold.

Ahem. That's my race, then. I get Arcane Senses, Dragonkin (I get extra Power Points if I wish to use magic, which I almost certainly will) as Edges and Small as a Hindrance.

Now, Traits. Well, I should think about what I want my little drakin to be like. One of the example concepts they give you is "chosen," which is basically a drakin priest working to become a dragon. I'm down with that. Thinking maybe I should have high Spirit, then? No, wait, Smarts, it's magic, not faith.

I'll put two points into Smarts, one into Vigor, one into Agility, and one into Spirit. That leaves me at a d4 in Strength, but I'm small.

Now, Skills, and again, they didn't print the skill names on the character sheet. Blah. I'll put a d4 each into Boating, Climbing, and Fighting (look, I'm a character on a boat in a fantasy game, those are minimums), a d8 into Knowledge (Arcana), a d6 each into Knowledge (Dragons), Investigation, Notice, and Stealth.

The book would have me do derived traits next, it's WRONG. Next we do Edges. I don't get a free Edge like I would if I were human, so I need to take some Hindrances so I can pick up Arcane Background. I'll take Glowblind (I take a penalty to range because the glow makes me squint) and Cautious as my Minor ones, and I'll take Lame as my Major one.

My character was born with a club foot; he walks with a shuffling limp and it slows him down. But, oh, if he could be a dragon, and slip the surly bonds of earth, as it were...

That gives me four points to spend. I'll spend two on Arcane Background (Magic), and I'll buy the Glowmad Resistant Edge with the other. If I were actually going to play this guy, I'd be very tempted by the Chosen Edge (which I would want to pick up), but I don't meet the prerequisites right now and I don't feel like rejiggering my traits to make it work (Spirit needs to be one die type higher).

I get three powers. I'll take Blinding Flash (just what it sounds like), Burst (a cone-weapon; heavy damage but there's a roll to avoid it) and Deflection (like armor, but makes me less likely to be hit).

Now derived traits. My Parry is 4, my Toughness is 4 (would be 5 but I'm Small), my Pace is 4 and I only roll a d4 to run, and my Charisma is 0.

OK, then! My character's name is Tellin. Tellin was born in the Foreign Quarter of the Dragon's Spine, but born right as some pretty unpleasant racial violence was going on. Sheltered by his mother due to his malformed foot, Tellin didn't grow up hating other races, but did grow up taking care to avoid violence. He discovered a knack for magic and a yen to learn about the great dragons of the skies, and his mother encouraged him, noting that to a dragon, everyone on the ground is slow. Tellin shipped out with a skycraft out of Dragon's Spine, seeking his fortune and, of course, seeking to evolve into one of the Chosen.

There, that's good. Pretty basic character concept for the setting, I think, but it'd be fun to play Tellin and evolve into a badass dragon-dude.