Monday, August 1, 2016

Board Game: Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture


The Game: Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture 2
The Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro
Time: An hour+
Players: Me, Michelle, Sarah

I enjoy games I can play on the couch. 
Game play: Trivial Pursuit is kind of a mainstay; you've got a little wheel (in this edition the wheels are replaced by cute little figurines; I had a record, Michelle had a gnome, Sarah had a boot) and you roll a die to see how far you move. Land on a colored space, answer a question of the corresponding type (the categories here being TV, Movies, Sports & Games, Buzz, Fads, and Music). If you get it right, you go again. Land on one of the six spoke-ends, though, and you hit the button for the DVD, which asks you a question with a visual clue (and gives the other players an opportunity to steal the answer). Get it right, get a plastic "pie slice." Once you've got all six, you have to land in the middle by exact count, the DVD asks you one final question, if you get it, you win!

The quest begins.
Opinions: So, you either like trivia games or you don't. I do like them, but I like the more current ones just because I'm more likely to know the answers. I've played earlier editions where the questions don't reference anything more current than the 70s, and not only are those questions really out of my wheelhouse, the answers on the cards are more likely to be wrong. As it was, we found a mistake on one of the cards; the question was looking for the first American woman to win a Best Director Oscar, and the answer on the card was Sofia Coppolla. This, of course, is false; Kathryn Bigelow won for The Hurt Locker, and I knew that. Makes you wonder what else they screwed up.

The DVD element is gimmicky, but it's fun and it breaks up the game a bit. I've played in Trivial Pursuit games that just drag on and on forever because no one at the table knows enough random shit to get the pie slices, and then I've played in other games that are basically "wait for Michelle's turn" (or whoever the "knower of random shit" at the table is; sometime it's me but the sports category trips me up).

In any case, Michelle won this game; I came in distant third. I would point out, however, that both Sarah and Michelle got games questions on the "Sports & Games" pie, whereas I kept getting "who played 8th base for the Wibberville Flooberbats in 1986 before he fucked off to become a millionaire frog-stomper?"

Keep? Sure.