Sunday, July 10, 2016

Night's Black Agents: Out of the Frying Pan

And that's it. No fire, really.

So, last time, the characters were in a tight spot. MacAteer and Gambone were at gunpoint, while Parker and Ess were in a hotel lobby and had just noticed Frank.

MacAteer sprang into action, grabbed one of the dudes and yanked him in front of him (using the Meat Shield rule). The other ones fired, but wound up shooting their companion and just doing minor damage to MacAteer.

Gambone ducked around the side of the truck and found himself face-to-face with Ava, his (former) friend and arms dealer. She opened her mouth and the tentacles sprang out, striking Gambone in the chest. Gambone, keeping his wits about him, drew his gun and shot her in the face, blowing her backwards and yanking the tentacles out without causing more damage. He found a syringe of the blood thickener in his pocket and lunged at her...

...whereupon she shot him.

MacAteer sprinted away to a nearby car and jacked it (using his Grand Theft Auto cherry), and sped round to Ava's van, smashing into her and yanking Gambone into the car. He peeled out, knowing he had to stop and tend to Gambone or he was assuredly gonna die.

Meanwhile, the other agents were doing better. They had a brief discussion on coms, and decided that Frank was never going to be in a more vulnerable place. Parker drew her dart gun and shot him. His blood reacted, and she heard popping noises from his clothes as his skin boiled up, but he turned to her, still alive, and reached into his jacket.

And then Ess shot him in the neck with his dart. He gasped, his tentacles popped out and inflated like horrible balloons, and then burst. The agents ran. (Ess' player: "Could I pick up any of the blood for a sample?" Me: "It'd be like picking up Jello.").

They radioed Hanoever, who picked him up. MacAteer made contact ("Man down!") and they met up and drove out to the country and found an empty house to hole up. They stabilized Gambone, but realized they needed to get the hell out of Romania. Gambone advised against trusting any previous contacts - clearly the conspiracy was adept at getting to people - but they needed a way out. MacAteer made contact with his buddy Snug to arrange air transit from a smaller, private airfield, while Hanover contacted his old buddy Janos to have boat waiting at Constanta.

They got to the airport, but were warned that private flights were being subjected to extra scrutiny. So they figured "screw that" and drove overland to the coast, got on a boat, and headed the hell south to Mykonos. That's a hell of a long trip; they had to go down through the Bosphorus and stop off in Istanbul for supplies. Parker made contact with a merchant named Bakir, and got her hands on some rose oil and rosewood, and asked him to keep an eye out for "parasitic tentacles." Meanwhile, Ess made contact with a fellow SMOM operative, Father Alberto, who provided them with weapons. And then they were off again.

They arrived in Mykonos and got set up with a beach house, someplace they could work and still bug out quickly if need be. And then they got to discussing things.

Now, this game has been going for more than 3 years at this point; there was a long break, yes, but there's still a shitload of information and names out there. So my players actually did something they've been talking about doing: They made a conspiracy board.

After discussing it, they realized that the two organizations with the most connections to everything else were the Russian mafia (which they hadn't talked about for a while but which was funneling money from everywhere) and the IFEA (which connects to pretty much the whole board). They decided that they needed to take some time and dig into their potential targets before making a hard decision on where to go next. Which is actually good, because I want one more session in this op.