Friday, July 8, 2016

Board Game: Guillotine

It's actually a card game, just roll with it.

The Game: Guillotine
The Publisher: Wizards of the Coast, originally, but who knows anymore
Time: 20 minutes
Players: Me, +Michelle+John+Jonathan, Morgan, Donovan

Someone's for the chop.
Game Play: You can't see it easily in that photo, but the thingie standing up on the right-hand side is a little cardboard guillotine, and the cards lined up next to it are nobles. In the game, the players are rival executioners going for the best basket of heads.

Ooh, I love chops.
You've got a hand of action cards, which alter the order of the line. They do things like make a noble trip and skip up a few steps, give you points for getting nobles of a given type (military, clergy, aristocracy), and so forth. So on your turn you play a card if you like, and then collect the nearest noble to the front. You play in three "days," of 12 nobles each, and at the end of the third day you total up the points for each noble and see who has the best heads!

Jon contemplates revolution and what it means for folks like him. 
Opinions: I like this game; it's a fun little time-waster, but the art is funny and the rules are just interesting enough that it doesn't get boring to play twice in a row. The action cards mean that there's some applicable strategy, though it needs to be applied pretty quickly; Mme. Guillotine chews through the nobles quickly.

Keep? Yep.