Thursday, July 7, 2016

Board Game: 7 Wonders

More games, yep!

The Game: 7 Wonders
The Publisher: Reops Production/Asmodee
Time: 30 minutes, give or take
Players: Me, +Jonathan, Morgan, Donovan, +John

Blurry Donovan is the 8th Wonder.
Game Play: 7 Wonders is what's called a "drafting" game. Everyone picks a wonder (randomly), and then play proceeds in three rounds. Everyone gets a handful of cards, you pick one to play, and then pass the rest.

Cards can give you resources (first and second round), or let you build up your army, build structures that get you victory points, or have other neat little effects. You can also build your wonder, which is actually optional for winning or scoring, but it's pretty helpful.

Olympia at the beginning of the game.
Some structures just give you straight-up victory points. Some are scientific advancements, which give you exponential points. You can also build up military and compare it to your neighbors; if you've got a bigger defense dick than them, they lose points and you get them.

Round two about to begin.
Opinions: I'd played this game once before and forgotten how much fun it is. It's actually pretty quick, given the complexity, and I like that there are a number of viable strategies you can take to win. Building up science seems to be legitimately the best one, though.

End of the game; I wasn't science enough to win.
Keep? Yes.