Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Promethean! (One-shot notes)

I'm running a Promethean one-shot at Origins, so probably I should take notes. Let's talk a little.

It's been a hard week to be a humanist. People did terrible things to other people. That's every week. People also stood up and helped, and that's every week, too.

I did the first proof of Promethean last week, and it struck me again how much I love this game. Because as with people in general, the journey of the Created is our journey, except ours doesn't end. And like Prometheans, we can be subject to horrors that are just too grotesque to linger on (but some of us have to). And like Prometheans, we reach a state of grace, maybe, a state of acceptance of our humanity, and the journey does not end just because we decide we hate it.

So here I am, a few days after a profoundly broken person murdered 50 of his fellow human beings, a few days after a man gunned down a young singer, while any number of other violent crimes are happening, and I'm listening to "Glory" by John Legend and Common, and thinking about what kind of Promethean game I can run for my friends at Origins. The group includes someone who I really love and respect, who goes out of her way to be a light in a way that I wish I could be.

So. Let's do this. If you happen to be playing on Friday, don't read on.

OK, looking through Chapter Six of Promethean, I kinda like the writeup of Sacremento. I like the idea that Prometheans follow the rails there, still, looking along Rambles, and then there's mean shit waiting for you. I also like the story about the VHS tape that contains a Dark Athanor, so I think we'll start the game there (with my usual "answer these questions about your character" thing, maybe).

So, watch the video, and it spikes the Disquiet of everyone there. I think probably a fight is unwise, because the characters could lose, but worse, they could win. They need to get out and then figure out a way to get the tape.

But who made the tape? I think it'd be interesting to have the Promethean who did it get stuck in a Role and still be there (so he's been there for, like, 20-some years). So let's say he's a Hermit (meaning he's on Copper), and he made the tape after failing to complete the Confessor Role (Cobalus) to purge his own angst, as it were. He made it, intended to burn it, but then couldn't bring himself to do it, and eventually lost track of it. He's in the trainyard, working as a handyman and custodian, fixing fences and the like. He doesn't trigger the Pandorans anymore (that's how far in a rut he is), and when gets un-rutted, Pandorans are the least of the problems because there's gonna be a big ol' Firestorm. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

This dude is named Joe Redding. He's a Tammuz, presently on Cuprum (sort of, but he's not pursued the Pilgrimage in a long time). He doesn't really age, but he looked kind of beaten and leathery to begin with, so the other workers in the railyard don't really notice.

So, I think my plan for this is:

  • Prep: Establish throng relationships, brief history, maybe hot seat.
  • Scene One: Coffee shop, screening of the VHS tape. Disquiet goes bazonkers, patrons chase the throng out, but only gets violent if the PCs do. Need a Titan.
  • Scene Two: Regroup somewhere, realization that the tape is a Dark Athanor, realization that it triggers Disquiet. Need an Originist. 
  • Scene Three: Get the tape (clumsy-ass heist). Need a Mimic. Find clue to get to railyard - either on the movie or a post-it on the tape itself.
  • Scene Four: Railyard, finding Joe, talking him out of the rut. Need a Pariah. 
  • Scene Five: Rut ends, firestorm goes kablooey. PCs can drag people out of the railyard and mitigate damage. Need a Fury because why not.
OK. Now to stat PCs. If I need Pandorans I can grab them from the book.