Monday, June 13, 2016

Night's Black Agents: New Agent, New Night

Oh, yeah. Back at it.

Last time, the characters visited Belgrade and talked to Dr Bugarcic, the director the Tesla Museum, and realized he was connected to the conspiracy. They decided to bug his house, but in so doing, Gambone realized he'd taken a bug-out bag and, well, bugged out. Hanover did some hacking but couldn't find any reservations on trains or planes under his name, but the characters figured he was traveling under an assumed name anyway. He did find, though, that Rus-Bel Air, the Belarusian airline owned by Nikita Utkin (who is also connected to the conspiracy) had a flight leaving in a few hours bound for Bucharest. They decided to stake out that flight.

Parker noted that they didn't have anyone skilled at driving, since Benbow's death. She called in a friend of hers, a former IRA member turned transported named MacAteer (aka "Meat Wagon"). He showed up in a moving van fitted with seats in the back, and with some creative forgery from Hanover, got onto the tarmac and watched people boarding the plane. Ess and Gambone jacked some handler's uniforms to get closer, while Parker took up a sniper's post (but without an actual rifle) at the top of a moving stairway.

They saw Bugarcic, walking to the plane and carrying a duffel. Ess and Gambone found a similar bag, and Ess bumped into Bugarcic, distracting him long enough for Gambone to switch them (and slip a tracker into the new bag). The agents bugged out, and talked over how to get to Bucharest quickly. MacAteer had a buddy who could lend them a plane, but not quickly enough, so they decided to drive it.

Meantime, they checked out the bag - nothing of interest, just clothes and cash. The agents' assessment was that Bugarcic wasn't skilled in tradecraft, but was being coached by someone who was.

They go on the road. They get about halfway there, cross over from Serbia into Romania, and MacAteer realized they're being followed by cop cars. Lights flash, he pulls over, and four guys with distinctly military (and threatening) bearing get out. MacAteer floors it, and the second police car gives chase.

The chase begins, with the other agents helping as best they can, but the van isn't really designed for the passengers to help (MacAteer usually transports injured people). Gambone rigs an explosive device and tries to disable a car, but just manages to slow it down. MacAteer spots a black SUV running dark and headed straight for them, and swerves around it at the last second.

Ess rigs up a harness, opens the back door, and shoots the engine block of one of the cars, disabling it. Gambone drops another bomb, spinning out the second car, and the agents get away.

They stop off for breakfast, and the agents explain to MacAteer exactly what they're up against - vampires. MacAteer isn't sure what to make of all this, but he's generally a good guy, and agrees to stay in (especially after examining Ess' scars and realizing that whatever made them was biological and weird).

The agents head in to Bucharest and hole up in a disused garage; they want to make some mods to the van, and they want to find Bugarcic. His tracker is still active; it's at a hotel downtown. Gambone, meanwhile, calls up Ava Kingsilver, his arms dealer, to get some gear; she contacts him back a while later and says she'll need to deliver the exotic stuff (explosives and the like) later, but the guns she can deliver now. MacAteer and Gambone take the van to pick up the shipment, while Ess and Parker head to the hotel and Hanover stays behind to work on the van and run comms.

At the hotel, Parker goes up to the room and breaks in. She finds the bag - empty, but the tracker is still there. Ess waits in the bar and Parker stakes out the lobby, and soon, they see someone arrive clearly cheating so his face isn't visible. Parker repositions and sees his face - Frank, the ex-CIA vampire.

Meanwhile, at the shipping yard that Gambone picked to meet Ava, they pull up. Ava opens her truck and says "Sorry"...with a slight lisp. Three guys with assault rifles.

The agents appear to be in trouble.