Monday, June 6, 2016

Game Prep: The Train Job

Sounds like Leverage episode, is actually a Firefly episode.

And this image is from Snowpiercer, which I haven't seen yet.
But really, this is all for Feng Shui, which I'm running tonight and procrastinated on the prepping of. So!

The characters are up a ways looking down on a group of robbers closing in on a train. I kinda ran with this off the cuff last time, which is fine. So let's say that the characters need to get down the train, by which point the gang (the Blue Spurs gang, if you're interested) has some folks on the train, some folks on horses. They're here intending to rob the passengers and steal the safe, tossing it out of the train into a shallow gorge, and then rig the train so it goes maximum speed for a while (this will actually derail the train, but most of the gang doesn't know or care about that).


Guns 8, Fists 8 Defense 13 Speed 5 (8 on a horse)

Lasso Daniels - Slim, lariat, white
Fists/Rope 14 Defense 14 Toughness 5 Speed 6
Tactical Genius (Spend 1 shot, mooks get +2 AV until Lasso goes down)

Alicia "The Apostle" Carlson - black, men's clothes, rifle/pistols
Guns 13 Defense 12 Toughness 5 Speed 7
Shouted Orders (+4 damage when a mook hits a character)

Rawhide Harrison - grizzled, older
Guns 14, Fists 12 Defense 14 Toughness 7 Speed 4
Back to the Wall - if attacked by more than one character in a sequence, shot cost for attack is 1

Doc Norris - skinny, stays on horse and shoots
Guns 14 Defense 13 Toughness 4 Speed 9 (on horse)
Ablative Lacky (if at least one mook is up and Doc takes WP, mook goes down instead)

Russell the Joker - cheerful, carries knives
Martial Arts 14 Defense 14 Toughness 5 Speed 7
Cyclical Flow (damage = shot +5)

The leader of the Blue Spurs gang, watching from up on the mountain (and all mysterious and stuff; maybe get buy-in) flees and goes back to the labor camp. Ah, yes, the labor camp.

The Chinese labor camp is a bustling sub-city on its own. The overseer (also the leader of the Blue Spurs Gang) is a right bastard and works everyone too hard. But, there's also a Dragon amongst the workers - an Old Master named Hei. He left the Chi War some time ago, found a way into this pop-up juncture (which he's not divulging), and decides to live out his life among his people in this strange place.

Seeing the characters, though, he recognizes something special in them. He describes one of the visions that they saw, and says that he can help - he can contextualize them and put them in order, so that they have a chance to reach Bai's vision (the Chi War ending). In the wrong order, though, the visions would lose meaning, time would change, and the Chi War would rage on.

Of course, in order for him to do that, he needs to know that these folks really are the Last Dragons. This requires them to go into the nearby town of Myer's Gulf - Hei is aware that the effective owner of the town, Ronnie Myer (young, charismatic, rich, well-dressed, likes to gamble) is planning something big. That's why he's effectively bought out the Blue Spurs gang (Hei is unaware that the overseer is involved) and is using them as private muscle in town.

Myer's mansion rests on a feng shui site. Myer is intent on learning sorcery, and the overseer (who needs to be a sorcerer; probably Leon, though I don't want him to die here so I need to be careful about using him) is willing to teach him in exchange for control of any feng shui sites along the railroad. Myer is a major contributor to the railroad, but he's more interested in the real estate near it; he wants a bunch of "Myertowns" so he can grab feng shui sites and become more powerful.

So, today: I think run the train fight, get the PCs into the camp, and either get them into Myer's Gulch or set that up for next time.