Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Feng Shui: OMG A BEAR

Well, that last post kinda blew up. Um. For anyone who's now looking through my blog to see if I always post long diatribes about conventions, normally I post reviews of movies and board games, and write-ups for the RPGs I run. A-like so.

Recall that last time, the Dragons were in a saloon in Myer's Gulch, drinking in the midst of the same gang that had killed their swordsman compatriot. They were determined not to start fights...but then one of the gang (Russell the Joker, the dude what throws knives) stood up and proposed a highly insulting toast to "that Chinaman." That's about all the others could take.

Tang stood and started for him, but Russell threw a knife and hit him in the arm, and violence erupted! Celeste waded into the fray with her whip, Johnny grabbed a bar stool and started whaling on mooks, and Bai leaped across the bar at the gangs' lieutenants, only to get a rope around her neck courtesy of Lasso Daniels (which stayed there for almost two full sequences).

Tang blink-shifted across the room to help Bai, unwilling to abandon a friend to be hurt, but Daniels disarmed him. Doc Norris, the bespectacled marksman that they'd seen shooting between train cars, ran for it, but Tang stopped him and he raised his hands. Meanwhile, Celeste entangled Russell in her whip and effectively took him out of the fight (seriously, he tried like hell to get free, but she's badass in historical settings).

But as Alicia the Apostle closed in on Bai, a growl from the shadows: Leave the wise man alone. A hulking monster emerged, faced her down, and clawed her. She drew a pistol and shot it, and the whole tone of the place changed. Doc drew a pistol and shot at the "bear", and Tang tried to clobber him, but missed and took out a mook. Rawhide Harrison, the grizzled old member of the gang, stabbed at the bear and it grabbed him and tried to rend him, but he stood his ground.

The bear, however, did tear out Alicia's throat, and that made Harrison go a little nuts.

The characters mopped up the mooks, Daniels fled (Russell tried, but Celeste stopped him and then kicked him in the face, taking him out), and the sheriff showed up and demanded to know what was going on. The consensus was that it was a harmless brawl (this is what passes for "harmless" in Myer's Gulch), but that a bear had somehow gotten into the bar and killed Alicia.

The "bear," of course, was our new PC, "Wildfire" Griffin, formerly of the Blue Spurs. Back in human form, he followed the gang back into the bar. Bai recognized him and stopped to talk to him, but he denied it and Bai let it go. Doc Norris chatted with Johnny, too, and said that he was sorry about their fallen friend - but the characters had interfered with the train robbery and that had complications. He did promise not to shoot Johnny as long as Johnny didn't shoot him.

The characters went to the doctor to get patched up, and then found a boarding house run by one Kitty Carlisle. She told them a little about the town - Ronnie Myer, the mayor, owned a big ugly house just outside of town, and he had invited the local business owners out to see it a few months back. She'd seen a map on his wall, with multiple sites marked along the railroad, places that he wanted to build "Myertowns." She wasn't sure why.

The characters heard howls in the desert, and went out to investigate. They found Wildfire walking in from the wastes (he'd gone out there to change shape and heal some damage). He confessed to what he was; a spirit of vengeance placed into the body of a dead bandit. He agreed to help the characters in their mission, since he had no particular loyalty to the gang anymore. The characters went out to the house that Kitty mentioned and saw Ronnie playing cards with four other men. They didn't recognize three of them, but one they knew...Leon, the sorcerer.

They went back to the house to talk about a plan. They decided to have Johnny infiltrate the gang, since all the gang knew about him was that he could fight well, and besides, he'd made friends with Doc. They went back to the saloon (just the two of them) and Johnny was made a Blue Spur, and then the gang got word on where the rest of the characters were. The characters also got word that the gang was coming for them, and Kitty said that she didn't want any fighting in her house.

The characters met up with the gang and Kitty talked them out of fighting. Harrison, the presumed leader, decided instead to take Wildfire and Johnny to meet with Mayor Myer for a bit. He led them up to the big ol' house, and Wildfire stayed outside, figuring that Leon (as a sorcerer) would probably recognize him for what he was. Johnny went into the house, though, Myer came out to see him, greeting him warmly and explaining his vision - it turns out, he said, that there were veins of magic running through the earth and people with the proper knowhow could tap them. People like his friend, Mr. Leon, here...

Leon shook Johnny's hand and then stared at his palm, and then whispered something to Myer. Myer said that what he needed in order to tap into this power was "the blood of a Dragon." Leon raised his hands, which started to glow...and Johnny felt dizzy.

(Next time, Johnny's player is out, so it was necessary to sideline him. This worked out really well, though - one of the gang's Featured Foes dead, Johnny in dire straits, and the characters all ready to throw down! Likewise, they managed to succeed on the advancement roll so they all get to awesome up before next time.)