Thursday, June 2, 2016

Board Game: Get Bit

Sounds a bit rude, dunnit?

The Game: Get Bit
The Publisher: Mayday Games
Time: 10 minutes or so
Players: Me, +Michelle, Al, Teagan, Cael

Cael is being a shark. Michelle is just being.
Get Bit is a simple little game if which robots are swimming the hell away from a shark. Players get a hand of cards labeled 1 through 7 (you don't use the 7 card if you've got more than four players). Every turn, everyone chooses a card, you reveal at the same time, and then starting with the lowest unmatched number, you move your robot to the front of the line, away from the shark.

For reference. Binder clip for scale. 
If, after resolving the cards, you're closest to the shark, you get bit. That means you lose a body part. The robots can lose hands and feet, but you can just right to arms and legs for a shorter game. Once you've played a card, it's gone for the round; once you've played all your cards, the round is over, you grab your cards and start again. So the strategy in the game, such as it is, is keeping track of who played what so you can play a card that will move you away from the shark, or, conversely, a card that won't move you so that you stay in a nice secure middle position.

Teagan and Al, pre feeding frenzy.
Opinions: When we buy kids' games, we try to buy games that kids can play but that ultimately aren't boring as hell (see: Candyland). My kids have always enjoyed Get Bit; it's fast, it's got enough strategy that you can think about it but if you just want to play random cards, that's actually a somewhat viable strategy, too. And there's cool little robots and shark figures to watch get smaller and smaller...

Until all that remains is a torso.
Keep? Yep.