Sunday, May 29, 2016

Notes Black Agents

As usual, don't go readin' this if you're playin' this. Otherwise the cicadas will get you.

Look closer.
Last time, the characters made to Belgrade and the Tesla museum, which is exciting. And now, the jump break.

So, yeah. That's pretty awesome. They're a lot closer than they think. Well, first of all, since Matt forgot to bump up the points in his arms dealer, let's see if she's still alive.

LOL, nope.

OK, that actually makes a lot of sense. The conspiracy found Ava and got info out of her, which means they've identified Gambone (but they kinda knew him already). I don't think Ava would know the location of the safe house in Florence (and it's not a conspiracy stronghold anyway), so Koltay and Sedillo are still safe. I think the conspiracy is going to not take chances this time. They send Frank out to her and have her infected as a G2, meaning she keeps her personality and memories; if Gambone contacts her again, she can lead them right into a trap. She's already shipped their stuff to Belgrade, so she doesn't know where they're staying exactly, but she knows they're in the city. So what would the conspiracy do?

Well, I think they save Ava as an ace in the hole. They know that the agents are good, after all. Figure on Ava being caught right after shipping the PCs' stuff, so we'll say that the conspiracy caught her in Sarajevo. Just a short jaunt from there to Belgrade for Frank, so he'll be there this evening (from the PCs' perspective).

So Frank is running the show in Belgrade now. Bugarcic is not a vampire or a puppeteer, but is very much loyal to Tesla. I think the conspiracy removes him - he's too valuable and knows too much to risk the PCs decided to snatch him.

Meanwhile, Vilmos (who is, at the moment, in Bucharest, let's say), sends in a team of hitters on standby. The conspiracy has the city's criminal element on alert, but they don't have a lot of power in the police force (though they do in the hospital and the docks). If the PCs generate heat, Frank marks them and sits on them until the team shows.

I think otherwise we're just waiting for the PCs to do something stupid. But a better question is what they stand to learn in Belgrade? They already know that the Tesla museum is hinky, and that some of Tesla's experiments may be involved? I'd kind of like this to lead them to Hajnal, because they can go from there to Vilinus to Tesla. That's moving dangerously close to endgame, ooh.