Monday, May 23, 2016

Game Prep: Feng Shui

Meant to do this yesterday and then got completely sidetracked by life and so forth, so I'ma do this now.


Last time, there was a fight (duh), the characters lost one PC but gained a new one, and then had visions. Said visions:

  • Bai had a vision of his sister, meditating with him in a garden in his own time, the chi war over. 
  • Celeste saw her sister, surrounded by glowing, magical mandalas.
  • Do saw Leon attacking him, just before he lost his memory!
  • Tang saw himself driving with his partner in the future, before said partner had died, and looking at a sketchbook detailing the chi war - had his partner been a Dragon?
  • Johnny saw his mother in the future, a survivor of the C-Bomb, fighting in the chi war.
And now, the notes you shouldn't read.

So, I really feel like I could run a story (maybe 2-3 sessions) for each character, looking into these visions, and building toward some kind of climax. I want to start with a journey into the Wild West, during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, and find a Dragon who can give some context for their visions and help them figure out the order of investigation that makes sense. As such, I need to get them through a gate into the Netherworld, and I need to get them thinking about those visions. 

I really like the IKTV thing, and I know that really things from the Contemporary internet don't transfer, but I think Sylvan Master might be an exception. So let's have him be checking out a broadcast from a relatively minor wifi router and get sucked into the Netheworld. IKTV systems capture him and keep him contained on a disc or something, but he's able to send out a distress call before he's cut off. That'll let the characters get to the portal (I could have a gang of mooks guarding the router if I felt like it), and then let them track him through the Netherworld to IKTV. 

So: Gang of mooks? Eh. Feels like a speed bump. Let's jump right to IKTV guards ("ickies"). So we've got a building shaped like a cable modem (meaning it's...tall and blinky on the front), and some folks up at the top with missiles. Let's say:

Guns 12 Defense 9 Speed 4
Weapons: Missile launcher (damage 18, but see p. 110), Rifle (15)

Combat here can keep going until the characters take the top floor, and then the sisters Columbia and Laurel Towson get on the screens and demand to know what's up; at that point we can get Sylvan back, and see broadcasts from a pop-up juncture. I'll let someone create buy-in and they can go after the Dragon in the Old West. Booya.