Friday, May 13, 2016

Game Prep: Changeling, The Finale

Monday our Changeling: The Dreaming game is coming to a close. I have thoughts, which I will spill since it acts as a buffer before I start talking about my plans.

I really love Changeling. I don't love the OWoD system. We've made some tweaks to the magic and so on that I think make the game a lot more palatable to my current crop of players, but I'm also realizing that I ignored a lot of rules when running OWoD games back in the day. That style of play - have system for everything, but ignore the shit that got in the way of making the game fun - was pretty endemic to 90s games (shows up in Chill 2nd Ed, too), but it doesn't really mesh with my design sensibility now (which is more "you're not gonna use this rule? Why the hell have it, then?").

But Changeling 20th is a nostalgia product, and that's fine. It's appealing to the people who know and love this system and this setting, and I have to say that despite some of the system wonkiness (1s canceling successes is an objectively terrible idea, guys), I've really enjoyed running it again.

So. Last session. Let's do this. Stop reading now if you're a player.

Last session, the players learned that Baroness Ulsa is in league with the (now routed) Thallain, and that someone called "Hex" is involved and is working to...what? I think "destabilize shit" is implied, but they don't yet know that assassination of the duke is in the offing. I think that the first thing they need to do this session is to foil an assassination attempt. How best to set that up?

Well, we're beginning with them dragging Fetinus to see Kelodin, without Ulsa this time, obviously. Now, clearly Fetinus knows that if he even tries to kill the duke, these folks will end him, and I don't think it's in his nature to commit suicide to fulfill the mission. I think he might well try to escape (he's got the Wayfare to do it), but then again, he agreed to help the PCs in exchange for his freedom.

I don't think Hex is going to be the one pulling the trigger on this, anyway, but it likewise can't be Ulsa. Ooh, but actually, rereading Ruin, I think that could be fun. So let's have a minor attempt on the duke's life - a street gang, enchanted with Sovereign or something, attacks the motley (and I'll just have to keep the action moving so we don't spend all goddamn night on it). The duke asks them back to his freehold, which Hex has already poisoned. From there she can release the nocnitsa (more plagues) and try to get close enough to the duke to hit him with that cold iron cantrip.

Sounds good. Just need to stat her.