Friday, May 20, 2016

Atomic Robo: Love Finds a Way

Wednesday we finished up our Atomic Robo story. We'll probably return to this game at some point; I'd like to run a story focusing more on the dinosaur characters and/or Effy. But for now!

Last time, the team refitted the Dinambulance for undersea travel. This time, they loaded up to go under the sea and see what precisely the Dauphin was up to.

They approached his palace and decided to look for Cosette's room; she was in love (supposedly) with Franklin, one of TeslaDyne's technicians, so maybe she'd help them. Effy and Jesse stayed in the sub while Reggie, Otto, and Marsha disembarked and slipped in through her balcony. They engaged in a bit of social conflict, but quickly wore her down and got her to agree to betray her brother, the Dauphin, provided that the team wouldn't kill him or destroy the Cetacean Empire, and would take her to the surface to be with Franklin.

She showed them her computer, which the Dauphin had used to send messages to Franklin. Mostly what he'd wanted Franklin to do was disable the outer defenses of the lab, presumably to allow the dolphins' massive amphibious tank to crush it. But why? They had Cosette call for her brother; Marsha hid outside the room on the outer wall...basically in plain sight, because she thought she'd blend in, Otto hid under the bed, and Reggie grabbed a bunch of light bulbs and hid on the ceiling pretending to be a chandelier.

The Dauphin came to the room and Cosette played her part well; the Dauphin revealed his plan - the idea was to capture Boris and fit him with gills, making him an unstoppable amphibious kaiju able to smash the cities of man HAHAHAHAHA!

At this point, Reggie had had enough. He dropped on the Dauphin, setting off battle. Marsha, outside, jumped on some guards, all feathers and fury, and Jesse smashed the Dinambulance/sub into the wall (OH YEAH!) creating an escape route. Otto grabbed Cosette to get her to safety, and Reggie wrapped up the Dauphin and took him along as well.

The sub slowly started for the surface, but remember it's Slow as a Sea Turtle. Effy readied a powerful pheromone bomb, and released it behind them as the dolphin army was closing in. The dolphin army...degenerated into synchronized leaping and other activities (Reggie slowly covered Cosette's eyes with his tentacle; "some things can't be unseen"), and the team escaped to the surface.

The Dauphin was transferred to a holding tank until TeslaDyne could figure out what to do with him. Cosette and Franklin are very happy together (Franklin asked for some kind of dolphin suit, so he could finally be with his beloved, which is all very weird so I suggest you don't think about it too much), and General Cavy gave everyone a promotion and told them to get back to work!

We're gonna take a break from this game, and +Travis is gonna run Nobilis. Like, Big White Book Nobilis. Pray for us.