Monday, April 18, 2016

Game Prep Post #1: Changeling

Look, a woodpecker! It's probably a pooka!

Anyway. Just putting in some filler before the game-talk.

Right, OK then. Last time we got through Parliament and the characters made some friends and acquaintances, then they went and pulled Spruce out of temporary Undone-ness and learned that someone had stolen a whole bunch of low-grade Treasures and so on. So, what the heck?

I'm thinking that this time, they should probably find some discarded busted Treasures somewhere. I also think it'd be fun if when Krysa tries to talk with someone/thing about what happened (because she will), that thing has been cursed or intimidated into not saying anything or being really general about it.

The characters can kinda direct their next move, but probably we should have some kind of event that gets their attention if they don't wind up directing the action (because frankly with this crew you never know). So, hmm. Well, sevartal have this thing going where they can identify proto-changelings and turn them into sevartal, and they can command humans by bewitching them. So it'd be interesting to have Fetinus do one of those things. Maybe with Hyum, the skinwalker. Combat in this group is wonky because really only Toasty's character is good at it, but he's damned good at it. So I'd prefer not to run it as a straight-up combat.

Ooh, let's go back to the theater. Let's bring Branziah and his peeps back. Burst of Glamour coming from the theater during rehearsals, powerful enough to be a Dream Dance, but over too quickly. When the PCs get there, there are a bunch of changelings hanging out outside, wondering what happened (like, did the changeling die or change his mind or something?). The actress in question is named Jeralyne Franklin, and she's now a sevartal (she should be a sugar glider pooka), under Fetinus' command. The PCs get there before Fetinus and Hyum can leave, though, so the many thrust of the conflict can be finding them, rescuing Jeralyne, and getting a glimpse (or even incapacitating/killing) the Thallain.

Rista is dead, killed elsewhere and stuff into a prop chest in the theater - Hex's work. Broken Treasure in her pocket, I think. Hex was annoyed that Rista was forced to swear an oath to the Kithain that compromised her utility, but mostly Hex just needed a fix.