Sunday, April 10, 2016

Board Game: Wise & Otherwise

Yesterday we decided to shelve our Epyllion game until the full game comes out, having just reached a dramatically appropriate point in the game. We're going to play Ehdrigor instead, but I haven't read it, and it's not something that we could fudge our way through. So instead, we played a board game!

The Game: Wise & Otherwise
The Publisher:
Time: 20 minutes, but with fewer players it would take longer
Players: Me, +Michelle+Michael+Rob+Jessica

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.
Game Play: It's a lot like Balderdash, but since I haven't reviewed that one yet I can't link to it. So. One player is the Reader (this passes every turn) and chooses a saying off a card, and reads the first half. Everyone else writes a completion for said saying on a slip of paper, and hands it in to the Reader. The Reader then reads them all out, and people vote on which one they think is the actual saying.

Michelle & "Snoop Doggy Jess"
If people vote for your saying, you get points. If you vote for the real one, you get points. If no one votes for the real one and you're the Reader, you get points. It flows pretty quickly; the only challenge is making sure people don't give away which ones aren't the real one when they're the Reader (by stumbling over words, making it obvious that they didn't write it, etc.).
The Hippo of Refuge is always there for you. 
Opinions: I like this game; it's actually somewhat easier than Balderdash because you're not coming up with a definition, you can get away with adding a single word to finish a saying and have it be plausible. Plus it's fun to get to see how different cultures' sayings work.

Keep? Yeah.