Monday, March 7, 2016

Game Prep Day Post #3: Feng Shui

OK, here we go! Probably the last one for today, sadly, but I have time to do Atomic Robo before the next session (which isn't until April).

Kung fu technique: Otter Noses the Ring. 
Don't read anymore, players!

Oy, this fucking game. I wish, in retrospect, I hadn't run the game out of the back of the book. It's OK, but it's really better suited to having players from the Contemporary juncture, and I've got one of those (plus two Ancient, one Past, and one Future).

So, clearly, there is a shitload of backstory here that is bound up in previous editions of the game, that I do not care about, my players don't care about, and that we have no investment in. So fuck it. Sure, Chi War with all the trimmings, but I'll let the players become the new dragons.

Last time, they took out Thrill Kill Mandrill and Ape Mask Replicant and most of their mooks. The crisis is over, except that Johnny Zhu is still comatose, the other Dragons are still dead, and Sylvan Master is out there in the Internet screwing things up. I think that the characters are going to go back to the hideout to get Zhu's body, and I think that'll make for a useful fight for next time.

I want the fight to be fairly quick, so let's say this. The Jade Wheel Society has been taking note of these strange fights, watching but not getting involved. They trailed the PCs from their hideout, and, realizing that it's a feng shui site, want to try attuning it. But of course, they need to control it, and that means getting rid of any traces of the Dragons.

So let's say we've got some security forces, plus five Ascended featured foes:

Big Ban Wei (huge, muscular, club, Contemporary): MA 15, DV 11, TOU 7, Speed 4
Don't Turn Your Back (MA 17 if has not been attacked since last action)
WP: 35

Spider Feng (tiny, lithe, martial artist, Ancient): MA 15, DV 13, TOU 4, Speed 8
Cyclical Flow (damage = current shot + 5)
WP: 35

Zep (driver, stays in car and shoots, Contemporary): Guns 14, DV 12, TOU 5, Speed 6
Parting Shot (if Cheese It successfully despite attempt to stop, PC takes 14 WP)
WP: 35

Void (black robes, blank face, Ancient): MA 14, DV 12, TOU 4, Speed 5
Anti-Mystical (DV 13 vs. magic)
WP: 35

Captain Ping (uniform, starts with the mooks, Contemporary): MA 13/Guns 12, DV 10, TOU 6, Speed 5
Bark of the Underdog (TOU 8 when half the mooks go down)
WP: 35

Zep Cheeses It if Ban Wei and either Void or Spider go down. If he gets away, Sylvan Master can explain the deal with the site and how to attune it. If they chase him, they wind up at the HSBC building; Zeb means to report to Chau. At this point, if they press, they can take on a small army of mooks, and I can just grab stats for Feature Foes as necessary in the book, I think.

I'd like to get them into a portal and thus into the Netherworld, but I'm thinking it'd be wise to let them attune the HQ first. I can get buy-in from Leon and Lin for the two Ancient Featured Foes here, which is fine, since Tang had enough from before to let it sit for a while.

I think, too, that before the next session begins, I'll do little prelude-style scenes with the four non-Contemporary characters to kind of establish how they got here (by "here," I mean "now") and to give them a look at the Netherworld and portals. They've gotta know where at least one portal is, after all, since they came through one.