Monday, March 7, 2016

Game Prep Day Post #2: Night's Black Agents

Next up in our cavalcade of game prep, Night's Black Agents! I'm doing this one next because I have an actual plan for what's happening, and I think it shouldn't be terribly hard to do. We shall see.

Teagan looks kinda old-world vampire as Cruella, I don't know. 
Don't read, players!

OK, so! The game-in-full is here. The characters set up a party to lure in some suspected "masters," and to figure out exactly what the Reineger Clinic is being used for. So let's summarize a bit.

  • The Clinic is used to turn people into puppeteers. Any puppeteer can make the cocktail, but only Hajnal, Tesla himself, and Dr. Sas know how to do it properly. Their puppeteers (Gen 2) are immune to roses, though they themselves are not. 
    • For the record: Gen 1 = Tesla, Hajnal, Sas, Macan. Gen 2 = Jones, Thibault, Bauer
    • Rose extract causes an extra die of damage to any Gen 1 puppeteer. It has no special effect on vampires. 
    • Conversely, the blood thickener causes three dice of damage to Gen 2, but has no special effect on Gen 1. It kills vampires in three turns. Used instead of the cocktail, it kills the subject and renders them unusable as either. 
  • The conspiracy plans to turn Anna Sedillo and Ioan Koltay puppeteers. With Macan dead, they can't control Sedillo as easily, and since the Gen 2 puppeteers don't change in personality as much, they figure the shift won't be as noticeable. They want Koltay changed because, since Macan's death, they need someone to continue his research. 
  • The conspiracy turned Etan Devrois, Esse's former classmate, but he wasn't able to tell them much. All he knew was that Esse needed a job with a cover as a track coach, and when he entered and left Osijek. 
    • As such, the conspiracy is aware that Esse is involved, and it's not too great a stretch to guess that Hanover & company was responsible for killing Macan. The conspiracy doesn't know where the group is at present, though; they're still poking around in the Hungary/Croatia area, and they don't have the resources to figure out where Esse is from.
So, they've got this party thing set up. The party's happening at the Musee d'art Histoire, on the ground floor (there's space for "temporary exhibition," which allows the museum to move the pieces they want to show off down for the private event, and keep everything consolidated on that floor). 

They invited Dierke Essert and Simon Thibault, but spun the whole thing so it's benefitting sustainable energy. The conspiracy sees this as a way to get Koltay into the country easily. The IFEA sends him, with instructions to grab him after the party's over. Thibault is there to glad hand and scout, and then to administer the cocktail to both Koltay and Sedillo and turn them. Jones is still in Hungary hunting the PCs, so he won't be an immediate problem. 

Sedillo may or may not be at the party (she's only there if the PCs invite her for whatever reason). The room is booked for early morning after the party; Thibault's guys plan to grab Koltay from the party (his limo driver is turned into a vamprie) while a second team grabs Sedillo from her home (three thugs, one vampire). Thibault plans to use the cocktail in the lab, and has been supplied with a fresh one from Sas. 

Before the party:
  • The room has been booked for after the party (Bureaucracy, another Interpersonal Skill at the clinic, Digital Intrusion if hacking)
    • Anna does not know about it. No other surgeries were scheduled for that time. 
  • Ioan Koltay has been booked flying into the country (Tradecraft, Digital Intrusion), but flying out he's going to Budapest and then flying Rus-Bel to Belgrade
  • Thibault is flying in from Paris, and then flying out on the same flight as Koltay
  • With a spend (Data Recovery, Accounting) characters can find a ticket on the same flight for "Anne Sobchek," purchased at the same time
  • A case of nutrients was shipped to the clinic (Accounting, Bureaucracy, Data Recovery)
  • Since the conspiracy is aware that the PCs tracked them by watching murder rates, they make sure not to leave bodies behind this time. They do snatch homeless people and prostitutes for the vampires to feed on, but keep the bodies in a storage facility near Thibault's hotel
During the party: 
  • Thibault speaks with a distortion in his voice (Notice, Languages/French)
  • Thibault has private security watching him (Tradecraft). They are armed.
    • They aren't vampires or puppeteers, though figuring that out might require a spend or something clever.
    • They are aware of what the conspiracy is, however, and they've been briefed on Hanover (since art museums are kind of his thing)
    • If they see Hanover, they report to Thibault, who immediately reports to Sas. 
      • Depending on what's happening and whether any of the others have been made, Sas might tell Thibault to abort and flee, or to mix a cocktail himself and turn Hanover (they don't care if he's Gen 1, they don't need him as a face)
  • A team is watching Sedillo's house (three dudes, one vampire). If tipped, they try to contain minor threats and flee serious ones, but either way they tip off Thibault (who tips Sas)
  • Thibault's hotel room has the important documents, including a forged passport for Anne Sobchek (Forgery); it's clearly Anna Sedillo. 
    • Thibault also has a store of nutrients in his room
    • Also present is his itinerary; he's going to Belgrade and staying at the Metropol Palace, near the Tesla museum. His instructions are to bring Sedillo and Koltay there so they can meet with Sas after being turned
  • Koltay has no idea what's coming. He has security watching him (Tradecraft), but he's not aware of them.
    • Koltay has met Macan, but not recently, and knows nothing of the conspiracy
  • A vampire kills Koltay's limo drive and stuffs him in the back seat during the party. If the PCs are watching the parking lot they can intercept
I think that's good! Lots of potential to learn interesting things.