Monday, March 7, 2016

Game Prep Day Post #1: C20

Here we goooo!

Picture for space-filler and to remind you how big this book is.
OK, so what's going on in the game right now? (I'd link to this blog but I don't have a handy consolidated post, which makes's threads handy.) Let's break the important beats out. 

  • Thallain in the city are causing chaos by writing threats and callouts on walls in rat's blood (which the PCs know). 
  • Krysa's Unleashed Sovereign like a motherfucker and became the Rat Queen (which they know). 
  • There's a shapeshifter out there doing at least some of the rat-writing (that's Hyum, the skinwalker; they know about the "shapeshifter" part, but not specifically what they're up against). 
  • Count Maldiset tried to have Zulkis kill a city planner named Michael Hecton; he refused, and Maldiset had Lady Ulsa (now Baroness Ulsa) do it. They PCs know all of this. 
  • Gangs of commoner changelings are now getting violent and fractious with each other (the PCs know this, but no one's stepped to them yet). 
  • A severtal named Fetinus is the nominal leader of the Thallain in the area (the PCs do not know this and have not heard the name). 
  • Fetinus, Maldiset, and Ulsa plan to assassinate Duke Kelodin once the fractiousness and infighting in the city reach critical mass. Ulsa is the one making alliances with Fetinus and the Thallain; Maldiset can't due to his oaths and has to remain pretty ignorant of what she's doing. She, in turn, is planning to oust, expose, or leapfrog Maldiset and seize the Duchy. 
  • Above Fetinus is another player in this whole thing. I read the Dauntain section of C20 and I just had to include one. So the Dauntain in question is a Nihilist, and who sees in New York a chance to restart the Accordance War. Her name is Hex, and she's an eshu. Ultimately she's hoping that either Maldiset or Ulsa does take the Duchy, and that it's obviously a dirty play. She just wants commoners and Thallain and everyone whipped up and pissed off as much as possible. PCs have no idea about her yet, but I think reports of missing Treasures and small chimera need to start coming in soon. 
OK, so that's pretty damn dense. Tonight's session is the Parliament of Dreams. I think it goes like this:

  1. Procedural stuff; Duke Kelodin casts Protocol so that everyone stays cool. 
  2. Kelodin issues a warning: a nocker named Spruce was murdered (chimerical death; his Treasure armor protected him, but was destroyed in the process) and his shop looted. Spruce repaired damaged Treasures and chimerical items. 
    1. This was Hex, of course; she intended to actually kill him, but didn't realize his armor saved him. She stole his Treasures and stuff to have a store of things to destroy to calm the shakes. 
  3. Kelodin addresses rumors that a chimerical plague is spreading - there's no reason to think it's true, and anyway chimerical plagues can be cured. Anyone feeling ill is advised to come to see Kara, a piskey healer.
    1. Immediate shouting from the assemblage that Kara is a) Unseelie, and therefore not trustworthy and b) a piskey, and therefore untrustworthy. 
    2. PCs notice Kara standing by herself; her motley is not in attendance. She looks terrified.
  4. Kelodin acknowledges that this blood-graffiti is happening, but says that so far, no one is sure why or who's responsible.
    1. Immediate shouting from the assemblage as motleys with axes to grind with one another blame each other. Largely divided up among Court lines; Seelie blame Unseelie for the graffiti; Unseelie note that it's their turf that's being hit, by and large. 
    2. Kelodin acknowledges the motley, singling out Zulkis to speak, but the crowd starts chanting "RAT QUEEN."
      1. Some kind of roll to quiet them; if it fails, Ulsa shuts them up, and derisively says that "this Duchy doesn't recognize monarchs, even rodent ones."
    3. The assemblage might be willing to listen to the PCs, depending on how well they do. Mostly it'll come down to dice and phrasing. 
  5. During all of this, the PCs can note the following: 
    1. Maldiset is not present. (This is because he's feeling guilty and doesn't want to face Zulkis; one of the Duke's staff tipped him that Zulkis would be addressing the assemblage.)
    2. Ulsa is enjoying support from Unseelie commoners and a fair number of nobles. 
    3. Kelodin looks tired and worn (he hasn't been sleeping well). 
OK, I think that's good for tonight. I need to stat: Fetinus, Hex, and probably Ulsa, but I don't think I need to do it right now.