Monday, March 21, 2016

Dragons! At last, Dragons!

Well, it was a good long time ago that we played Epyllion, but the dragons descended once again this weekend. Last time, you'll recall, the clutch was on an obsidian island that had once been an outpost of House Kebros, but had been lost to the Darkness. Hawley's player was absent, so we assumed that when he dived into the Darkness Well, he shouted a warning about it on the way back up, but spiraled away and crash-landed. Meanwhile, Veris was being pursued by an imposter - something that had been pretending to be Biscuit. 

Freja flew off after Hawley, while Azrael and Nova stayed by the well. Azrael examined is and learned it was, indeed, full of Darkness, but that it could lead to the sea, if properly traversed. 

Meanwhile, Veris stood up to the imposter dragon, acting despite danger, ordering the imposter to lead him out, using his one of them move. The imposter called him on it, but Veris convinced the Imposter, saying "I've got work to do" (this implication being Darkness-work).

The Imposter agreed, and led him back toward the Well, but burst into Darkness-goop before the others saw him. All they saw was Veris emerge from said goop. Azrael, suspicious, studied Veris to find out if he was tainted, and asked him how Darkness'd he was. He replied that he was touched by the Darkness, yes, but his clutch was still his friends.

Nova, for her part, also studied him, but failed, and saw him as a thread. She launched herself at him, battling the Darkness, and smacked him with her club-like tail (and got a Shadow Point for her trouble). 

Meantime, Freja found Hawley, apparently injured. She tried to get him up to fly, and asked for help from Oodle, her spirit guide. Oodle said that wasn't Hawley at all, and that Freja should run. Knowing that bad things happen when she doesn't follow Oodle's advice, she flew, acting despite danger, but escaping the Imposter Dragon. She returned to find the others squabbling. 

Azrael got in the middle of the fight and tried to convince Nova and Veris to knock it off, but failed, and everyone got a Shadow Point. Azrael flew off to the beach to create, Nova just kind of sulked, and Veris flew straight up, overcome by Doubt. Freja followed him and convinced him to come back; he stopped to talk to her. He told her that he was good at understanding and detecting the Darkness, but was afraid it might be taking a toll. Freja called on the liberty moon to purify him (and he helped) and lightning lanced down and struck him, burning out the impurity...and knocking him unconscious (he acted despite danger and missed). Freja saw Veris fall toward the ground, but also saw the Imposter Dragon creeping up on Azrael. She figured that Azrael could take care of herself, and caught Veris.

Azrael, meanwhile, was using dragon trade to create a seat - not a throne, just an elegant seat. The Imposter Dragon snuck up on her heard him and battled the Darkness (she missed, and he smashed the seat). Azrael, officially done taking shit, called upon the storm moon and fried the Imposter Dragon with lightning (reforming the topography of the island in the process), burning away the black goop covering him and exposing a skinny, lithe, serpentine dragon. The others arrived, and battled the Darkness. Freja gained a Shadow Point in the fight, Veris chose to protect Azrael, Azrael took a Shadow Point, and Nova, flying in, protected Biscuit from harm and smashed the Imposter Dragon's head with her tail. 

The Darkness-tainted dragon dead, Veris examined its body. It smelled like obsidian, and the features were unmistakably House Kebros. Freja used scent of a place, and realized that this island bore evidence that the Darkness was returning - something they could finally show the elders! 

Azrael, claiming the island as hers, called upon the spirit moon to see if she could change the island's features, but instead, an immense dragon with salt-crusted scales and a beard surfaced from the ocean. The Sea Dragon asked what was happening here, having felt magic and power from this place. They told him, but he was skeptical. Freja decided she'd fly down into the well and get proof. She acted despite danger, and in the Darkness Well, she realized she was truly out of her depth. Oodle protected her, told her to flee, and she flew out of the Well - just as it closed with a burst of spirit-feathers. 

The Sea Dragon chuckled, saying that it was true that these islands could seem Dark. Freja got angry and stood up to the older dragon, tell him he had no idea what they'd been through and chastising Azrael for making furniture while the Darkness returned. The Sea Dragon told them to leave by nightfall, and he'd handle it. Azrael didn't want to leave - it was her House's island, after all, but Veris convinced her, pointing out that they could come back later, and she could take some obsidian with her for the moment. She agreed, and the dragons flew back to the White Falls.

The Sea Dragon, meanwhile, surface and smashed the island, sinking it. Next time, perhaps we go inland?