Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Changeling: Stabbing Diseases With Knives

Last time, our fearless fae found foul fblood fsmeared on fwalls. Ahem.

The characters were going to go to Parliament tomorrow, but today they figured they'd investigate some of the other sites with rat-blood graffiti. They plotted out all the sites they'd heard about from Bexley and so forth, and Thaia checked it on a map and realized that plotting the points, it could form one of two characters in the Thallain alphabet: either "snow/winter" or "nothing/void." They weren't sure which, though.

They headed out to one of the sites; an abandoned building (actually one that Ambrose had stripped wiring in some months back). They found the graffiti on the wall. The words weren't fully decipherable, but some of it translated to "fester" or "disease." Krysa spoke to a rat, and it told her that the person who did this had a rat skull around his wrist, and had called the rats to him (so hadn't used bait like the last one had). It also told her that there were things in the walls that couldn't hurt rats.

Krysa warned the others. Ambrose used Veiled Eyes to vanish, just as three Plagues (nervosa chimera born of fear of disease) dropped through the ceiling. Thaia stabbed one, but it flung green gook in her eyes. Zulkis punched one and it smacked him, but to little effect. Ambrose activated his Treasure, speeding him up, and gave me a really good reminder as to why the CWoD extra action system is fucking annoying. Um, sorry. Sliced the hell out the Plagues, turning them all to ash.

The characters cleaned up (mostly Thaia), and then headed to the next site - in a subway tunnel. Someone had wiped it away, but Krysa used Primal to talk to the wall. It helped her reform the message, and a couple of the characters recognized it. It wasn't Thallain, just a mundane tag - a declaration of turf war.

A sluagh wandered up to them and introduced himself as Matthias. He said he'd wiped away the blood; these tunnels were frequented by ugly-ass vampires, and a declaration of war would go badly for the Kithain. These vampires also commanded rats, interestingly. Matthias said he hoped to see Ambrose at tea, and the characters went back to the surface and headed to a bar run by an Enchanted friend of Sander to talk this out.

Sander's friend told him that she'd heard of changelings getting into brawls today, and some other fae leaving town - these messages were stirring up trouble. That seemed to be the point, in fact: Chaos. Thaia suspected that the "nothing" sigil was the correct one. Someone just wanted to plunge the city into chaos. But who? Not Count Maldiset; this would hurt him as much as anyone.

Zulkis called up Duke Kelodin and asked that their motley be given time to speak at Parliament tomorrow; they had information about the graffiti, after all. He agreed, and the characters settled down for a beer.

The bartender asked Thaia if she felt OK. Thaia noted, perhaps, that she was feeling a little flushed...