Monday, January 25, 2016

Changeling Notes

Players, don't read past the rat. I'm serious.


OK, not reading if you're playing?


Last time, we had a little teaser involving the theater and Rista the Rat-Creature getting forcibly oath'd to stay away from said theater. But I want that to be a shot in a bigger war, not just one little Beastie trying to feed. There's nastier shit going on in New York. I think the current plotline is a plot to assassinate Duke Kelodin and force an election. Count Maldiset is the ultimate beneficiary, here; he's got enough support from the commoners that the loyalist vote would tip him over, and the commoners are fractious enough that they don't have someone other than Kelodin to rally behind.

I need to, like, come up with a name for the sidhe noble that Ambrose dug up dirt on and that got Zulkis ousted from the nobility. We'll say that the higher-up is Maldiset; he's a House Dougal Count, so he's below Kelodin. Dougal ordered Zulkis to kill Michael Hecton, a minor-league city councilman and borderline Autumn Person who was threatening to close down all the old subway stops (like the characters' freehold) and sell them to retail or restaurant chains. Zulkis refused (the guy isn't evil, just Banal), and Maldiset leveraged him out.

Lady Ulsa, a sidhe of House Scathach, killed the guy in what looked like a car accident. It was played up as regrettable killing of a dangerous Autumn Person, but mostly it was a power move to get Maldiset a friend in the Parliament of Dreams. Now she's Baroness Ulsa.

Maldiset can't actually take part in assassinating a Duke due to his oaths (that's really why he wanted Zulkis' help), but Ulsa has taken no such oaths. She's making alliances with Thallain, but she'll only proceed with the assassination if she can pin it on Maldiset, allowing her to make a bid for the Duchy and start rebuilding her House's fortunes.

Ambrose, meanwhile, has been out to Maldiset's house and found some of his dirty secrets - notably, he knows that Maldiset arranged for Hecton's death and that he wanted to recruit Zulkis, even planned to knight him in House Dougal.

The Thallain, of course, have their own plans. They're planning on killing the Duke, sure, but then keeping everything in utter chaos so they can drive out the Kithain, subvert them, kill them, and generally raise the fear level of the city. They've seen what happens when lots of people are horrified at once; it leads to an outpouring of fear, sure, but also bravery and support. They're thinking this time, it needs to start smaller.

And Krysa the Rat Queen has given them a good starting place. So tonight, I think Ambrose' garbage men Retinue are going to find rats torn apart as they're doing their job. It's an Urban Legend, a creature like a great cat, accompanied by a skinwalker that can turn into a rat, a cat, and a huge dog (and I'll try and stat him).

The killing of rats is meant to put Krysa and get her more active, and get commoner gangs to notice her. The Thallain of New York, led by a sevartal named Fetinus, figure they can dispose of her easily enough once the Parliament is gone.