Thursday, December 24, 2015

Movie #342: Basic Instinct 2

Basic Instinct 2 is a sequel, of course, to Basic Instinct. I own it now because +Matthew Karafa is something of a sadist (in fairness, I did throw down the gauntlet). Anyway, the movie stars Sharon Stone, David Morrissey, David Thewlis, Indira Varma, and Charlotte Rampling.

Catherine Tramell (Stone) has left San Fransisco behind for London, and in the opening sequence, drives off the road while her footballer boyfriend, stoned to the gills on ketamine, is getting her off. He dies, she's arrested, and is given a psych evaluation by Dr. Glass (Morrissey). He diagnoses her as "risk addicted," and she starts therapy with him after being cleared of charges.

Glass is kinda fucked up, in his way. A former patient of his went nuts and murdered his girlfriend, and he tortures himself, thinking he should have known it was going to happen. Others seem to agree, including his ex-wife (Varma) and a sleazy reporter (Hugh Dancy), but then Catherine gets into the mix, he starts getting obsessed, having random sex with co-workers and a barista, people die, and eventually he shoots a police detective (Thewlis) who may or may not be dirty...

So, this movie is exactly as terrible as you think it is. What's interesting about it, apart from how they secured Stone's participation, is that it follows the action of the first movie almost beat-for-beat. But based on the dialog, a 19-year-old with some pretty serious gamergate leanings must have written it, because Tramell comes off as purely manipulative and evil just because. I'm honestly surprised she didn't steal some of Glass' sperm or something.

Anyway, not really sophisticated enough to be a thriller, too nasty to be sexy, and too derivative to be fun.

My grade: F
Rewatch Value: IINSIAIFWT

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