Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Epyllion: The Eel King Attacks

Better do this Epyllion update!

As an aside, we're playing with the ashcan version. The full version (funded on Kickstarter) is going to have a lot more stuff to work with, and I don't know offhand when it's supposed to come out, but I hope we're still playing when it does because I'm looking forward to more robust rules. This is a really cool game and I want more of it!

Anyway: Last time, the clutch had escape the caves of the Eel Dragon. They decided to rest before heading back to the White Falls, so Azrael made a nest in the wild so they could heal up. They bedded down on the beach. Veris kept a lookout, but failed, and dozed off. When he woke up, there were dead fish washing up on shore, far too many...and they had black stuff coming out of their gills. Veris examined one, and realized that it was the same stuff the Eel Dragon was giving off. He was near. Looking out over the water, Veris saw what might be some driftwood...or might be the eyes and head of a massive dragon. He flew out over the water, acting despite danger, but failed (and took a Shadow Point) as the Eel Dragon lurched up and tried to eat him!

It missed, and he shrieked, waking the others. The clutch decided they'd better fly down to the beach and warn the other drakes hanging out before something terrible happened. They arrived to find young dragons flying around, playing tag, and so on, and Freja tried to convince them that a massive evil dragon was in the water. She failed, however, and got a lot of "yeah whatever" for her trouble. A young dragon splashed into the water, and Freja acted despite danger to follow and protect him. She dove in an saw the Eel Dragon approaching the shore, but swam after the other drake, since he didn't see it.

On shore, Hawley acted despite danger to follow, and saw the Eel Dragon coming straight at him! He acted despite danger to fly up and out, but failed and got bit on the tail and dragged back into the water.

Nova, flying overhead, came up with a battle plan - the Eel Dragon's chin and throat were soft and vulnerable. Veris swooped in and freed Hawley, acting despite danger, but wound up covered in that black gunk from the Eel Dragon's mouth.

Azrael, inspired, used dragon trade to make a mace out of clay from the beach and the obsidian she'd taken from the caves. Freja convinced some of the drakes to fly off and tell the elders, and Nova called on the stone moon to grant herself armor and strength. She then dive-bombed the Eel Dragon, battling the Darkness. She missed at first (heavier than she's used to, due to the magic), but Azrael helped with her new mace and Nova slammed into the Eel Dragon's throat. Nova took a Shadow Point, but Hawley shared the load and took it instead. The Eel Dragon spit up a bunch of black gunk and submerged, just as a massive blue dragon landed and called down lightning into the water.

The huge blue dragon - Vastron - chortled at the drakes for being afraid of a giant eel-fish. Freja stood up to him and tried to tell him what was really going on, but missed, and he blew them off and flew away. The younger dragons, though, had seen the creature, and landed, asking for help. The promised they would, and told them to stay out of the water for now. Freja used wild speech and asked the fish if the dragon was dead; they said they'd seen it swimming away. Damn.

Freja called upon the stone moon to protect the beach from the Eel Dragon's corruption. Veris took a small piece of obsidian and examined it. He realized it would liquefy under the right conditions, and that whatever made the throne was a master crafter - probably a member of House Kebros (like Azrael). Veris and Azrael went off into the spires near the cliffs to find the oldest dragon they could. They found an ancient dragon of House Kebros lounging in a mountain lake the way my dog does in a puddle. They brought it a bushel of star apples (which it knocked back like a shot), and they talked to the Lake Dragon about what had happened, and it told them about the history of the First War, and how House Kebros became the "lost house." It was pretty firm, though, that the Darkness had been banished and everything was good now. Azrael stood up to the Lake Dragon, but failed, and it dismissed them, going back to sleep.

Veris returned, woke it up, and flattered it, asking about the obsidian chunk. He studied the dragon, and it told him that the obsidian stuff was "active obsidian." He balanced it on his massive claw, and it liquefied, and then resolidified into a spiral. Veris stood up to the Lake Dragon, asking where he could learn more. The Lake Dragon mentioned that Black Sand Island was lost during the First War, an outpost of House Kebros, but overwhelmed by the Darkness. He asked, though, that Veris not scare the young drakes with all this.

Veris flew back to the clutch and told them what he'd learned. Freja asked her spirit guide what they should do, and Oodle recommended going out to Black Sand and investigating.

So that's next time.