Thursday, December 31, 2015

Character Creation: Supers!

This'll be my 18th character this year, which is like 1.5 a month, which is pretty sad. I did slightly better in 2015 (20 characters). Let's see if, in 2016, I can manage two a month?

Anyway. I actually started to make an Ashen Stars character yesterday, then I decided I wanted to read more of the book. So instead:

The Game: Supers!
The Publisher: Beyond Belief Games, I guess, but it's not mentioned on their site. There's a supers game called Triumphant (which is a better title anyway), but I don't see this one anywhere. It's a few years old, though, so maybe it's out of print?
Degree of Familiarity: None. I picked it out to do today because it looks like it's four-color and I don't think it'll have a complex setting to parse.
Books Required: Just the one.

I love superheroes, and I've talked about why in previous chargen posts. Marvel Superheroes was my first RPG ever, and I own a whooooole bunch of supers games. So here's another!

Supers! starts off telling us what kind of game this is: To wit, four-color supers. You either know what that means or you're kinda SOL, but I do, so that's fine. And then we get into creating a character, which is why I'm here.

We told to start with concept, but that having a strong concept is fine, as is looking at powers and going "ooh, that." I don't have a specific concept, and I don't have a theme song, even.

Well, we start with Resistances. They start at 1D each and I have 5D to split up between them, maximum is 3D. OK. I guess I do need some kind of concept.

I've had this song in my head for a while now:

I can kinda get behind this for a superhero. I like the idea of a guy who winds up with superpowers and thinks it's his ticket to awesomeness, but discovers it's not only work but dangerous work. There's no provision for origin or anything, so I guess that's up to me. This guy should definitely be an "altered human" sort of person, but the incident in question should probably depend on the powers, yeah?

I like the flow of that song, and I like the continuous shot. Makes me think of time powers. Anything like that here? Not really. But Astral Projection is kind of interesting, as is Duplicate Form. Hmm. OK, I have some thoughts.

Resistances! My guy is pretty socially adept, I think. Fortitude is going to be where he's weak. I'll leave that at 1D, put 1D into Composure, and put 2D each into Reaction and Will for 3D. Sounds good, moving on.

Now Aptitudes. I actually have 1D in all of them, but then I get 3D to split up between them. So I can have three at 2D or one at 2D and one at 3D, since the max is 3D right now. OK, then. I'll put 1D into Animal Handling, Presence, and Streetwise. My guy used to be a dog walker.

And then after Aptitudes but before Powers, there's this little note about "oh, you really have 20D to build your character in total, so if you want to just to do that, g'head on." Which is fine, but why isn't that stated up front? Anyway. Powers.

I want Astral Projection, Duplicate Self, and then some kind of mental power. I'll put 4D into Astral Projection, 5D into Duplicate Self, and my other 3D into....ooh, actually. What if I shave a couple of dice off those other powers (2D Astral, 3D Duplicate) and then take other powers, but say that only one duplicate at a time can use them? Maybe there's a disadvantage or something that covers that. So how about 2D each in Mental Blast, Mind Control, Telekinesis, and Vampiric Powers? That'd be fun.

Complications don't cover having one power linked to another, but the rules are pretty simple; you get 1D added to the power if it's limited. So I'll say that all of the powers except Astral Projection only work when he can astrally project, and I'll put Delayed Use on Astral Projection, too (have to get into a trance).

Now, ads and disads (I've never seen a game actually abbreviate those words thusly). These you balance out, so if I take ads I need disads, too. I'll take Charismatic as and ad and Poor as a disad.

And that's all the mechanical stuff, actually. OK, then.

Tyrone Amal Douglas, Jr., dropped out of college after three weeks. His father is still disappointed, but his father also think it's because Tyrone was having trouble keeping up academically. Secretly, his dad ("Big T" to his friends) is glad, because he doesn't want his son ("Little T") to be in debt for the rest of his life.

Little T (who goes by "Ty" or just "T") dropped out because of the accident. Ty worked as a dog walker on weekends; he's always been good with animals. One day he was out with a few of his charges at the dog park, and one of them, a little nosy-ass corgi, found a box half buried under an old oak. Ty pulled out the box and opened it, and found a black gem inside. He touched it...and that was it.

Ty learned he could project his soul from his body, and when he does, split that soul into pieces. He can invade people's minds and control them, he can drain the life from them, he can move things around with his ghostly soul, and he can knock people right the hell out. Ty dropped out of school because, despite his powers, he can't be everywhere at once. He keeps waiting for the payoff - not money, necessarily, but something, fame, notoriety, maybe just recognition, but so far, people are just terrified when they see the four hooded figures materialize. Maybe that's good. Some people need to be scared.

The weird thing is, Ty knows, somehow, that there's something else in that gem. It whispers to him sometimes, with a warm, friendly, feminine voice. He can't quite understand it, but it sounds sad. He's afraid to find out why.

Ty leaves his body on the subway when he has to go be a hero. Criminals and the press have dubbed his alter ego "the Haunt" or "the Four Horsemen,"but Ty thinks that's a bit corny. His aunt (who's very religious) talked about the Lord's judgement as a reckoning, and Ty thinks that sounds pretty cool, so he calls himself "The Reckoning."