Monday, December 21, 2015

Beast Notes!

I'll be taking notes for different games soon, I guess. Monsterhearts is over, Dresden is over for now. We'll be starting up a new monthly game (that I may or may not be running), and next Monday we're making characters for our Changeling: The Dreaming playtest, so that'll be fun. Night's Black Agents is still going, as is Epyllion.

I think this is going to be the last Beast session for a while. I like this game, but I've got other stuff I want to run, and this would be fun to come back to occasionally.

Players should stop reading now.

Anyway, what happened was that Dillon followed the characters to the meet, got nabbed down by the beached, and the Mouth of the Deeps, amazed to see a human being that couldn't die, turned him into a Mawspawn. Dillon is now not only immortal, but really dangerous. The [I]idigam[/I] gave him a few Mawspawn to take with him and then sent some spirits along with him, so it could watch.

Dillon, being Dillon, headed for the store. It wants to destroy Tyler's store, lure him out, and kill him. This would be doable, of course, but in taking on the Mouth's power, Dillon also took on a bane. Making it fire would be a bit too easy, since obviously Tyler is going to breathe fire on him. I think probably the sextant that Bianca stole in the first place would make for a decent bane. Maybe he can be injured, but the sextant can be used to kill him.

And, I think that the hunter cell might be fun to bring in during all this. Wild, chaotic gunfire. Ooh, shit. And also cops. Make it a big clusterfuck, see what the Beasts do, if they try to calm it down or make it hella worse.