Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Beast: End of the Story

Monday night was that last session in the story for Beast: The Primordial. We might come back to this game at some point, but I was kinda feeling the itch to do something non-WoD (or, rather, non-CofD now).

So, anyway, last time, the brood met some werewolves, and then learned that Tyler's shop was being broken into (again). So they all got together and rolled out there. They found that the front door had been smashed in ("boy, lot less subtle than before"). They went in, and a horde of Mawspawn jumped out from behind shelves and whatnot...and Dillon was with them. But something was wrong. He had a set of clawed fingers extending from his knuckles, and just looked a lot more fishy than before.

Not one to back down from a fight, Maia jumped at the biggest one, but wasn't able to hurt it initially. It threw her through the window, followed, and she activated Cyclopean Strength and started beating back. Tyler zipped behind a shelf and tipped it over on top of two the creatures, and Miriana started beating on one (but she's really not a fighter, more of a stalker). John, who is really not a fighter, used Run Away on one of them and sent it fleeing out into the night. That seemed to work pretty well!

Dillon attacked Tyler, who slashed at him with a blade and missed, and the fled behind a shelf. Dillon, not above a little turnabout, tipped it over on him. Tyler popped up through the shelf and used You Deserve This on Dillon, and dropped him into a fugue state. Miriana got cut up pretty badly, but she can spend Satiety to heal all lethal damage, so she was OK. Maia beat the big one's head in, and John had driven the others away. But now...sirens coming.

Realizing that killing Dillon might still be impossible, the Beasts entered Tyler's Lair and dragged Dillon with him. Tyler, angry, used Dragonfire and set the fucker ablaze, spending Satiety to make it hurt...but after he burned, he started healing.

They healed up (Beasts can spend Satiety in their Lairs to heal, remember), and then left through Miriana's Lair back to her yard. Maia called Neal, and told him what was up. He wasn't really up on how and why Dillon was immortal, but said that he needed to see him and maybe he could help. Plus, he and his pack were headed to Parma because...monsters?

Neal met up with the brood and looked at Dillon, and said that he'd been altered spiritually. He said that the good news was that he seemed to have a bane, the way a spirit would, but wasn't sure what. It wasn't fire, obviously. Neal suggested it might be something related to how all this started, and Tyler thought it might be the spyglass that he'd stolen (or rather, received).

John and Miriana went to go and get the spyglass from the store. Maia went off with Neal to hunt with the werewolves (she has Family Ties on him, so she can do that whole Family Dinner thing, and all of the Beasts were mighty hungry). Tyler stayed at Miriana's house with Dillon.

Which was great, until Dillon woke up. He attacked Tyler, and Tyler, injured, managed to avoid him for a while, but then he got clawed. When John and Miriana arrived, Dillon was crouched over Tyler's unconscious body, about to strike the killing blow. John crept up behind him and whacked him on the head with the spyglass, knocking him down. Miriana dragged Tyler into her Lair, and then into his, and he spent his last point of Satiety to heal some damage and wake up. Now Ravenous, he left the Lair, woke Dillon up, and told him that he didn't deserve the time Doctor Bones had given him, so he was taking it back. Then he based his head in with the spyglass, killing him and gaining a dot of Satiety.

Meanwhile, Maia was hunting with Neal and his pack. They tracked down and killed two of the three Mawspawn, but the trail of the third ended with signs of a fight - human blood, gun shells, and a strange, hospital-like scent. Someone had taken the Mawspawn, but at least it was off the streets.

Epilogue: A secret basement below the Clinic. The Mawspawn in a huge tank, and the doors close, bearing a strange symbol: A half-circle bisected by a straight line...