Thursday, November 12, 2015

And Also Beast!

Right, and then we played Beast on Monday. Here we go!

Last time, the brood had gone to Put-In-Bay to get out of town for a while, and so Maia could swim around and investigate the lake. Tyler called Dr. Bones and asked her what was up with the whole "dude is trying to kill me and can't die" thing; she said she wouldn't have helped him if she'd known his last actions would be so violent and promised to look into it. She also agreed to call in a favor from someone called "Robert" and have him watch Tyler's store, so that Dillon didn't burn it down or anything.

The brood went out on a boat, and Maia dove in and looked about. She taste squid ink, which was weird because squid aren't native to Lake Erie. She tracked it for a while, and then found it - a large squid-monster with barbs on its sides. It attacked her, but you don't attack a Makara in a lake. She opened a Primordial Pathway to her Lair, merged with her Horror, and ripped the squid in half. She tossed half into her Lair and half up onto the boat.

She and Miriana examined it, and they noted that the barbs were more like bird beaks. This was the same level of weird that the fish-man creature had been. They decided to head back to land and check one of the islands in the morning.

Needing to feed, Maia had John open a bunch of cars in the parking lot, and squeeze dead squid-juice in them. She wound up feeding deeper than she meant, and made it to Sated.

Next day, they brood got back on the boat and headed out. They found the caves, and Maia went diving again. She found a little underwater cavern, and a human skeleton tucked back on a ledge. Not being any great shakes with investigation herself, she called the others in. John and Miriana noted that the skeletal individual had multiple wounds, and had apparently crawled back on that ledge to die. There were also scratches on the walls, scratches that Miriana recognized as werewolf in origin, though she couldn't read them.

They got back to the boat, and Miriana called Niki, a werewolf friend of hers. They sent Niki pictures of the carvings, and Niki seemed concerned. She offered to hook the brood up with the Bridge Pack, a pack of werewolves more knowledgeable about this kind of thing, but advised they not get snarky - the Bridge Pack takes this seriously.

The Beasts headed back into town, and Tyler met Robert at his store (Robert was a Sin-Eater, like Dr. Bones). Robert said that he'd owed her a favor, but that the Sin-Eater community at large didn't care much for what she was doing and indeed, they weren't sure how she was doing it. Robert also wasn't crazy with the notion of setting people on fire for stealing shit, but he had fulfilled his obligation, so he left.

Next time, the characters get to meet a pack of werewolves. That'll be fun.