Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bulldogs! One-Shot: The Night Kiss

Last night I ran Bulldogs! for +Michelle and some friends in Toledo who aren't on G+ to my knowledge. It was pretty cool.

Bulldogs! is a Fate game, billed as "sci-fi that kicks ass!" The basic setup is that you're working an intergalactic freighter. The game presents a bunch of different alien species to choose from, plus instructions on making up new ones. I'll be doing a more thorough review for RPG.Net soon, and making a character for the project. For now, though, the characters:

  • Talame: The ship's cook. She's a Dolom (they're big, strong, stoic, and tough). Talame is also allergic to everything, highly goal-oriented, and loyal to the captain. Just a bit naive. 
  • Mrawr: The ship's pilot and navagatrix. She's a Ryjyllian (they're lion-people). Mrawr is a warrior and comes from her race's icy home planet. She's also a sensualist and wants nothing more than a cuddle pile. 
  • Flarn: The ship's medic. Flarn is an Urseminite; they're basically Ewoks crossed with Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Flarn is no exception - he's got a shady criminal past, and not so much a drug "problem" as an ongoing relationship with all the drugs ever. 
  • Barb: The ship's delivery person and muscle. She's a Hacragorkan; they're green, tattooed, and spoiling for a fight. She did some time in space juvie as a young 'un, and is now out on parole, trying to keep her nose clean. 
The ship is called The Fool (its shuttle is called His Money). The captain is a Ken Reeg (also green, but flashy and showy) named Henny Razzle. Captain Razz, as the crew calls him, has delusions of competency, but his crew always seems to pull through on his schemes and make some money into the bargain. The ship is a short-range delivery service, so yeah, we're basically playing Futurama

Today, Captain Razz gathers the crew and informs them that they're taking six crates to Apollonia, the pleasure satellite orbiting planet Arsubar. The ship takes off, and Flarn can't resist trying to open one to take a peek (if it's going to Arsubar, it's gotta be good). The electronic locks keep foiling him, though, but he finally gets one open, and finds flowers in pots. He recognizes them as "night kiss," a potent narcotic and "pleasure enhancer," brewed as a tea in the morning so it kicks in later at night. He immediately swipes a blossom and has Talame brew it into a tea. 

Talame, of course, isn't careful as she does so, and so the flower's pollen winds up not only in the tea, but on her hands (all three of them) and in the sandwiches she makes for Mrawr, Barb, and Razz. 

The ship docks on Apollonia, and the crew disembarks. Barb intimidates the warehouse crew into taking it easy with the crates, and Flarn discovers he knows the warehouse manager, another Urseminite named Snarg. The crews is able to procure short-term invites to the interior of Apollonia, but told to meet back in one cycle when their "visas" expire. Barb, as she is on probation, has to stick closer to the crew at all times. 

The crew splits up. Talame, Barb, and Flarn go to produce Venusian saffron for the kitchen, but have to track down the captain first, as he has the money for such supplies. He lets Flarn in on a gambling tip he received, but it'll require gambling with the ship's money. Flarn, who never met a vice he didn't like, agrees, and Razz tells him where the races are happening later. 

Mrawr, meanwhile, goes to a big padded room and cuddles up with folks, but as she does, the drug kick in. She barely hears someone talking about the night flower and "blaming the delivery crew." She forces herself to focus, and finds that she's snuggling up with a Templari who's scheming to steal the flowers and blame the Fool's crew; Mrawr doesn't like this, but makes friends with him and points out that it would make no sense to blame the crew - why would they steal the flowers after delivering them? Better to blame the warehouse worker. The Templari agrees, and asks if she'd mind delivering a message to a Saldrallan named Sssk about the change in plans.

Meanwhile, the others have met up at the races - the animals racing are little lizards, native to Saldralla. Razz' tip seems to be...not quite on the level, but Flarn is a shrewd gambler and manages to get it all handled. Mrawr arrives, tells the others what's going on, and Flarn works the room until he finds Sssk. Barb spends the time stroking Mrawr's fur (the drugs are kicking in for everyone else, too)!

The characters (not the captain, who's busy drinking) tell Sssk more or less what's doing, and he tell them to just get the crates switched from one platform to another, and all will be well (they'll be off scott free and get paid a little extra!). 

They find where the crates are being moved, but they're being guarded by two Dolome thugs. Barb, not one to stand on ceremony, charges in and slugs one, and is shortly joined by Mrawr. Talame lifts the whole palette of crates and moves it to a new platform, with Flarn helping to secure it, and the Dolom thugs surrender under an onslaught of claws and fists. The characters amuse themselves until morning, and meet up with Captain Razz back on the ship, collect their payment, and zip off into space, nursing night flower hangovers.