Sunday, September 27, 2015

Some Game Prep

I'm running Night's Black Agents in a couple of hours, which I'd completely forgotten about, so I need to figure a few things out. First thing, of course, is to waste a little space so that no spoilers show up in the feeds of my players on G+. I'm a little teapot, short and stout.


Night's Black Agents

Last time, the characters rescued Jens Kraut from where he was being held and tortured, and took him away to Dresden. I could roll to turn a character, but the only one I'm very likely to succeed on is Benbow's mule buddy, and I don't remember much about him, so I think maybe we'll wait a while on that.

Jens, recall, is still turned, but I think we'll take that to me he's got a tracking device implanted in his body. The conspiracy doesn't bother turning it on until the characters get away (the tracker was plan B; plan A was actually catching them). So I think we'll pick up in Dresden, pretty much as the characters are getting in. No one had a chance to do any through medical checking-out of Jens during the chase, so there was no real chance to catch the device (implanted under his left arm). It'll show up on an X-ray and a careful manual palpation, but not a metal detector. Electronic Surveillance will also catch it, if they're pay attention.

So what if they're made? What resources can the conspiracy bring to bear, here?

The Berlin Task Force is pretty much the best equipped group in the area, unless the want to hire outside talent, which they don't. So let's assume they bring those guys, plus Jones (who needed some time to recover after Lockwood severed his tentacles back here). That'll potentially give the characters a look at what they're fighting, although Jones is gunshy about getting too close. If he sees Wolfgang, though, he attacks him to exclusion of all else; they want Wolfgang alive to be converted into a puppeteer.

So, the squad is: Jones (puppeteer), three vampires (the dead Berliners from the black site) and three Renfields (including Engel).

Best case scenario for today: Jens dead, Wolfgang captured (since his player might be out next month anyway), everyone else on the run or injured.

Beast: The Primordial

It's been a while since we've played, due to illness and travel and so on. But the good news is, we left off with a clear plan of action, so that's kinda rare and cool. 

Last time, Miriana got to watch as a body apparently chewed up by...some kind of marine monster was examined at the zoo. The brood decided to head to Edgewater Park and check it out. 

Now, we could go a couple of ways on this. One is to assume the park is kinda empty and run the fight with the Mawspawn, but eh. That's not really in-theme. So I think the better thing to do is assume the park is busy, just maybe a different kind of busy. That also means the hunter crew that they've been tracking can be here, if need be, plus a heavier police presence, which means that things can theoretically get really out of hand if the Mawspawn shows up and some stupid cop starts shooting at it. 

I like that, that's a nice dramatic set-up. Now, of course, if the PCs wait until after dark and the park has largely emptied out, they get drug dealers and folks looking to get laid rather than beachgoers and families, but that's also potentially fun. I think the Mawspawn in Werewolf 2nd works as written; it's pretty badass on the beach, so if it gets wounded further into the park it'll run for the beach and try and fight there. 

Sounds good. A few converging plotlines, and the Bridge Pack can intervene things go really bad (though I trust this group to cut and run rather than fight to the death).