Monday, August 24, 2015


22nd: Perfect Gaming Environment: My house, at my magnificent gaming table, with a full pot of coffee and dinner and/or snacks available. And perhaps dogs sleeping beneath.

23rd: Perfect Game for You: Weird question, this; I'm not entirely sure how to answer it. I guess the way to approach this is "perfect game for me to play", or perhaps run. Hmm. I hate to reuse answers, but Misspent Youth is pretty perfect for me - it rewards action but not meticulous planning, plays nicely with improvisation, and hits themes that are near and dear to my heart. Gumshoe also does well with my style as a GM, provided I have enough time to prep.

24th: Favorite House Rule: Interestingly, a lot of my house rules don't tend to stay house rules for long, for WoD anyway, because I tend to write them into books. :) I think one of my favorites, which I've modified and included in other systems, was one that a DM I played with in Atlanta used for his Dungeons & Dragons game: Players can give each other beads for good ideas, cool bits of IC dialog, good jokes, whatever. At the end of the game, you get (# of beads) x your level in XP. D&D doesn't do much to reward roleplaying, and I thought that was a nice way to do it.