Friday, August 21, 2015


Here we go!

Favorite Horror Game: It's honestly a two-way tie between the new World of Darkness and Chill, with the classic World of Darkness a very close third. The only reason CWoD doesn't edge closer is because it so often wasn't a horror setting - sure, you got some very creepy, beautiful horror moments (a lot of them from Wraith), and then you got the WAAHHH-HOOOOO of Werewolf, Vampire, and Mage.

NWoD hasn't had as much wah-hoo, and has stayed pretty consistently horror. Plus, it's horror that I like, which is appropriate, since there hasn't been a lot in NWoD that I haven't worked on in some way.

And then Chill, of course, for me has always been about the people who fight the monsters. One of the thing that frustrates me about real life is that our monsters aren't the kind you can melt with salt or destroy with an incantation; our monsters are people, and people have their own struggle, even if those struggles make them monsters. It's nice to play characters who are unequivocal heroes.

Favorite RPG Setting: Hmm. Well, in the interest of not being too one-note, let's move away from WoD. I like Deadlands, but I don't know if I'd say favorite. There are some problematic elements there. But on the other hand, hucksters! Really a brilliant idea.

Oh, wait, I know: Edge of Midnight. Noir, Dark City inspired RPG with physics-magic. Very cool game.