Friday, August 14, 2015


Missed this yesterday.

Favorite RPG Podcast: This is terrible to admit, but I don't actually listen to podcasts, really. Listening to someone without something to watch makes me fidgety, but if I try to do something while I listen I miss what they're saying.

But, with that said, there have been a couple of podcasts that have been very nice to me, including +Darker Days Radio, 16MilesToHell, and +The Gentleman Gamer, so I'll give them shout-outs and call that good.

Favorite RPG Accessory: Hmm. I'm not much for screens, really. I used to use them more, but with the advent of PDFs I don't really need them to look things up, and I don't like blocking myself off from my players. I would say the Destiny Deck, but the company that made it (Stellar Games) is long out of business. So I will instead say Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters. It's a big, meaty book of plot hooks, arranged by genre. The authors somehow managed to strike a nice balance between specific enough to be useful but general enough to be hack-able, and I find the book invaluable for one-shots and starting off stories.