Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#RPGaDay2015, Day 4

Yep, this again.

Most Surprising Game: Hmm. What criteria to use here? I think I'll say Misspent Youth. It's been a while since I ran it (the campaign is here). I wasn't expecting it to grab hold of me the way it did; it's an indie game about challenging the Authority, and it asks the players to create said Authority. Each session is an episode, and I find I enjoy structured games like that.

Also, Misspent Youth falls into a kind of odd category for games for me: I bought it, read it, and ran it without anyone turning me on to it or showing me how it went. That was the way of things when I was in college, but in more recent years I'm much more likely to play games I've played before or been able to at least demo. Misspent Youth is easy to run right out of the box, which is something I aspire to (and, like, pretty much failed at with curse the darkness, but I still like it).

(BTW, Misspent Youth is for sale here.)