Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#RPGaDay2015, also Beast

Favorite Sci-Fi RPG: It's a genre I like a little better than fantasy, but, again, not a genre I've ever really loved. I think I'm gonna be weird and go with Human Occupied Landfill. Sure, it's more "black comedy" than strictly sci-fi, but the best-kept secret about HoL is that it's completely playable - simple little 2d6 system, a perfectly workable and kinda innovative damage system, and a world that's funny and easy to get your brain around. Hard sci-fi tends to be crunchier than I like, but HoL is nicely simple.

Favorite Supers RPG: Ah, now the ball's in Farnsworth's court! I often say that I'm a fan of superheroes, if not necessarily comics (comics are complex and lumbering, and I pretty much just roll my eyes when they announce "long-running character is gonna die!" No, they aren't). My first game was Marvel Superheroes from TSR, but is that my favorite? I think I'm gonna go slightly more hipster and choose With Great Power.... It captures the feel of the comics, and it's the only game I've found that really truly could have Galactus and Aunt May in the same game, no real problem.

And now, Beast.

Sunday, May 24. Maia has a date with Ryan later in the afternoon, but first, John decides to keep everyone updated on what he saw yesterday. The brood meets up at IHOP and John explains the probable team of hunters he saw. He mentions that they seem interested in Dillon, the guy who threw a cinderblock through Tyler's shop's window, but that's still a little close for comfort.

The brood splits for the day. Tyler visit Ernest, his mage friend, to chat about Dillon. Ernest looks at his footage, and says that it's possible that Dillon is a mage (healing quickly and enhanced strength make sense in concert), and possible he's a werewolf (they also heal fast), but Ernest does wonder why, if either of those are true, that Dillon allowed himself to be set on fire. He mentions that his folks (mages) are in a bit of upheaval right now, and Tyler says that if he can be an ace in the hole, he's willing.

Miriana goes to see her friend Elle, and finds that she has died peacefully in her sleep. She calls the police, and then calls Doctor Bones, informing her that Elle is gone. Doctor Bones is unsurprised, and thanks her for looking after Elle's cats.

John goes to see Doctor Bones, and informs her about the cell of hunters apparently working in Cleveland. Bones thanks him (and he cements the Family Ties Condition on her). They chat a bit about current events, and Bones reveals that she healed Dillon - a nurse in the burn unit gave her the tip, she performed her ritual, and now he's effectively immortal for a month. John finds this terribly funny.

Maia goes on her date. She's lost a dot of Satiety (I made the offer to all of them at the beginning of the sesson; lose a dot, get a Beat), so she's hungry. She activates Heart of the Ocean and, wouldn't you know, Ryan is indeed her type - drawn to bad relationships. She immediately seduces him, looking forward to making his life hell over the next few weeks.

That evening, the characters regroup to go check out the hunters practicing. They watch as the hunters practice a tactic for surrounding and breaking the jaw/teeth of a monster - that would fuck up Tyler's firebreathing pretty good. The characters now know what to expect, but having hunters in town isn't good. They listen, and the hunters mention Dillon. One of them, Carlos, decides to drop in on Tyler's pawn shop tomorrow, and Tyler (learning the full situation from John), wonders if he can turn the hunters on to Dillon and keep himself out of it. John, for his part, admits that Leonard is not a good target for his Horror - he's not a neglectful father, he's trying to protect his kid from monsters.

Tomorrow Memorial Day!