Monday, August 3, 2015

RPG-a-Day: 1st through 3rd

There's this RPG-a-Day thing going around. Why not, says I?

1st: Forthcoming Game You're Most Looking Forward To: I could be cheesy here and say Beast, but I won't. I'm gonna say Bluebeard's Bride by +Sarah Richardson. I got the chance to play it twice at GenCon, and it kinda blew my mind. Like, to the point that I'm thinking about why it affected me the way it did and what I might be able to take forward into my own game design. I'll be talking about this game more when I do my GenCon post.

2nd: Kickstarted Game You're Most Pleased You Backed: Man, I have backed a fuckton of games on Kickstarter. I'm such an easy mark. As such, it's hard for me to tell what I'm really pleased about; I'm happy about a lot of the games I've backed, but I've run comparatively few of them so far. I think I'm gonna say the Fate Core Kickstarter, because it launched a new wave of Fate games and stands out as a really incredibly well-done Kickstarter.

3rd: Favorite New Game of the Last 12 Months: Jeez. Hard to know what's been released in the last 12 months, let alone what I've played that's been release din the last 12 months. You know what? I'm gonna be cheesy here and say Chill. I mean, yeah, it's a game I developed, but I did that by relying heavily on an awesome team of writers and working with material that was kick-ass to begin with. Plus, it was really cool having people come up at GenCon and thank me for doing a new edition of a game they loved, and everyone was really impressed with how the book looked.

More tomorrow.