Sunday, August 30, 2015

Game Prep and #RPGaDay2015

First this:

Favorite RPG-Playing Celebrity: I dunno, never played an RPG with a celebrity. I mean, we all know Vin Diesel plays D&D, and that's pretty cool, particularly when you consider that Chronicles of Riddick feels very much like someone's D&D-in-Space game.

OK, now notes on games.

Night's Black Agents

Last time we ended an op and the characters fled to Monte Carlo with the data that has been the sore point this whole game. They're all together now, but I kinda feel like Fuchs is the weak link, here - and he's been less than careful about using his real name (he's not a spy). So I rolled against his contact Jens, and guess what, I rolled high. Heh. 

So, what happened? The PCs went to Monte Carlo and set up a fake meet for Klobucar in Berlin or someplace. The conspiracy realized it had been bamboozled; no Hanover, no agents, and now Hanover has assembled another team. They would have been willing to let all this go (of course, they did double-book the job, which was just Klobucar being an idiot), but now they need to track these fuckers down. So of course they start with Fuchs - he's local to Berlin, he's got a record, and he's comparatively easy to track. They find Jens and squeeze him. 

I think, too, I need to update the ol' conspyramid a little. It's here in its current form, so let's make the following changes:

Klobucar moves from Tier 1 to Tier 2. 
Add Berlin Terrorism Task Force in at Tier 2 (figure that was something the conspiracy had in their back pocket, but it cost them resources to activate). 

I think that Jens doesn't necessarily know where the PCs are; the conspiracy is fishing by using him. So we'll have Jens be arrested for cooking the books for a human trafficking organization in Berlin, meaning that the Berlin Terrorism Task Force is the one to take him into custody. Of course he'll tell the conspiracy what he knows about Fuchs, but that's isn't really much that's useful as far as finding him now. 

For today, I think: 

  • Find out from each PC who knows they're in Monte Carlo, if anyone. 
  • Have them do whatever research or digging they want to do. 
  • Then have them turn on the TV and see that Jens has been arrested and locked in a black site.
After that, play to the Drives. The conspiracy doesn't have a lot of reach west of Germany (with the exception of Paris, and even that's shaky these days), but if the PCs tip their hand, the conspiracy will have Jones and some vampires down there like a shot. 


The big planned event for this session is to have Carlos, one of the tier-one hunters, visit Tyler's shop. If it's open Memorial Day, great, if not, we'll jump past Monday as quickly as possible and do it Tuesday. 

Carlos isn't specifically checking out Tyler, he's trying to figure out why Dillon is so pissed off at this place. Carlos doesn't have any special powers or Merits, but he's observant. He's not a Hero, fortunately for Tyler (because then he could place an Anathema). So I think we'll have Carlos as some leading questions and try and get a sense of what's going on. If Tyler is smart, he'll aim the hunters at Dillon, but who knows if that's the case. I think we'll say that Isla has a Ectorinal Gland (from Spirit Slayers), which means that she might be able to detect a Horror; probably just make it a Clash of Wills or summat. 

I think, too, that Maia's little swims in the lake have aroused the interest of a Mawspawn, so it's gonna crawl up on land Monday night, grab someone there who was looking to score, and drag him back into the water. Increased police presence means increased risk of police violence, so that could be fun. 

And then there's Dillon. He's going to give the store a rest for a day, put his other affairs in order, and visit Bianca in the hospital. Tuesday night, he'll probably try and torch the place.